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4th November 2013
Luperci Ortus
Orvar's pelt is dark, cloaked in the traditional greys and blacks of the Stormbringer family. As if to make his lineage even more obvious, Orvar's vivid green eyes are the exact shade of his grandfather Dreyrugr.

However, his mother's influence is not lost on him; his palette draws on her natural stone-grey base coat and Mackenzie Valley Wolf build. He is larger than his sister, and outgrew both of his parents. He has a preference for his Optime form, and wears a Frithr necklace of Vinátta as well as a wooden mouse pendant given to him by his uncle Bran.

Japanese Laurel (#116700) - Eyes
Fuscous Gray (#4D4D49) - Main fur
Tuatara (#30302D) - Forelegs, Back Saddle
Cod Gray (#161515) - Collar, Nose Stripe, Ear Cap, Underside of Tail, Paws
Iron (#CFD2D6) - Underbelly, Right Hindpaw, Eyebrows, Throat

Orvar is a tall but skinny lad, still holding some of the gangly appearance of youth about him although he is quickly shedding off the puppyish appearance. His hair is usually a mess although sometimes he appears with it in braids and sometimes tied back away from his face, mostly though he enjoys leaving it wild and free.

Orvar often appears with his small leather satchel, usually stuffed with jars of herbs and writing implements for when inspiration strikes him.
Most people who would meet Orvar would say he's a polite, respectful young male with a level head on his shoulders and a vast knowledge for one so young.

Orvar loves to learn new things and tinker with problems until he finds the solution, he has an analytical mind and tends to look at problems from several different angles.

Hidden below his computer mind Orvar has a fascination with the arts, he loves to sing and dance although he isn't particularly good at either. He also enjoys drawing and painting when the inspiration strikes him.

He has a deep adoration for his family, above and beyond what would be expected for a step parent and half siblings. Sometimes he feels his siblings are his reason for living and often drags them around with him whilst he goes about his days.

Generally he is slow to anger, but quick to make friends and generally considers most of Vinatta to be his friend and is always willing to help anyone who needs it, whether it be a medical emergency or just a case of needing someone to listen to.

And although his mother abandoned him when he was just a newborn Orvar has never felt a lack of motherly love, his milk nurse Colibri and his adoptive mother Aspen made sure of that.
Father: Ascher Stormbringer
Adoptive Mother: Aspen

Littermate: Bel Tlu'gv

Half siblings:
Ode Stormbringer
Shore Stormbringer
Milk Nurse:Colibri Haki
Sequoia Exultare

November: Orvar is born. Sangi'lak is disbanded and the Nomads are journeying back to their birthplace; rather than risk the lives of her newborns, Sequoia Exultare makes the difficult decision to leave her pups behind with their father Ascher Stormbringer. He enlists the pregnant subleader Colibri Haki as their wet-nurse.
December: Bel and Orvar are weaned, and Ascher begins to take them on small outings around Jordheim. One such exploration ended poorly when Fiora vin Haki's semi-feral horse accidentally trampled Bel's tail, breaking it.


January: Orvar undergoes the Ausa Vatni ceremony in front of the pack, and receives his Frithr necklaces and a blessing.
February: Orvar meets his mother, Sequoia, for the first time.
May: Orvar shifts for the first time, with the assistance of his father. Niernan presents him with a Stormbringer family totem charm, a mouse.
May - July: Orvar spends the summer apprenticing with his father, learning about the plants and practices of healing and practicing his reading and writing. To his delight his siblings join him in the world and Orvar learns what it means to be an older brother.
July - August: His father leaves to try and find his missing brother and Orvar steps up as a Psuedo father to his younger siblings, letting his step-mother, Aspen lean on him for help and support. He resents Ascher for leaving them but overall understands the need to find a lost sibling, knowing he would do the same if Bel, Ode or Shore ever disappeared.
August: Ascher returns, his mission ultimately failing and finds a changed son, Orvar has grown up fast in the month of his absence, the youthful happy boy now a serious and dependable young male.
September: Orvar puts his training to its first test and assists his father in setting Atlanta's broken arm whilst Octavius watched during an outing in the forest. Orvar feels proud of himself for assisting someone in need and decides to follow in his father's footsteps and become an Eljun.
October - December: Orvar watches his siblings grow older and more adventurous with zealous adoration and stands with pride as they're presented at their own Ausa Vatni Ceremony, his voice the loudest out of all the 'Hails'.
December: Orvar discovers a deep love for the winter and snow and convinces his friends, Arno and Lila Jordan to accompany him on a camping trip up into the mountains. The three build a fire and spend the night dancing, telling stories and generally having a good old time.
January: The year starts off with him spending time with his Mother, Father and siblings. A visit the the Outpost provides him with some information on keeping bees.
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