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Half of my blood
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21st March 2008
Luperci Ortus
Taliesin is snow white, with eyes just like his mother Deuce's. His right eye is deep blue, the left is bright gold. He is a slender male, almost feminine in appearances. There is little on him to distinguish him from any other white wolf. He used to wear a pentagram given to him by his mother, but he left that with Kira. His left ear is pierced with two hoops, thanks to his rapist father. There is a faint scar from a tussle with Shawchert over his left eye. He also has a scar in the shape of a rough butterfly on his right shoulder blade.

In his Luperci form, he is still slender. His mane is short and usually messy as if he just got out of bed. He has his mother's feline like grace in his movements. He watches the world with a scholar's interest. He wears jeans all the time when he can, and sometimes a plaid shirt. He has lost weight, a lot of it in his most recent travels and looks very malnourished.

Precise Size
Lupus 100 lbs. 32 in. tall
Secui 200 lbs. 40 in tall
Optime 210 lbs 6ft 4in
Preferred Form: Optime
Tal is a quiet male, made more to be a scholar than a warrior. Tal is bi-sexual. He is a writer, especially of poetry. He is an herbalist, and uses herbs and crystals in his healing. He's very open about worshiping the Goddess Rhiannon. He enjoys planting things and taking care of plants. He has a pretty good singing voice, but is very shy about singing. He once was fiercely loyal to family and pack, but a traumatic event caused him to run away, sinking into an alcohol fueled stupor. He has become very moody, guilt ridden over the past. He is very promiscuous, quick to 'enjoy' a one night stand. He used to have high morals, but now will steal without qualm, and has become fairly proficient in pickpocketing. He is very submissive now, and refuses to use his full name. He goes only by Tal now, as he feels he is unworthy of the name Rhiannon.
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