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29th March 2014
Luperci Ortus
Blair is undoubtedly a wolfdog; her pelt betrays this even to an untrained eye, and she has one "bent" ear. Longer-than average fur accents her joints, neck, and tail but the most apparent is the pattern itself. Though broken up by large sections of pale fur, the overall pattern is highly suggestive of her heritage. By and large reflecting her dog genetics, Blair's fur is broken up by what is near-typical for a collie-dog, including a white collar. She has a dark, melanistic mask and obvious brindling on the colored sections of her fur. There is a notable white patch surrounding her right eye. She seems to favor her left side.

Oddly, Blair is small for her breeding and family line. She looks “fluffy”, something which adds to her size. Her build is, however, entirely wolfish beneath this plush-looking coat. Thanks to the Winters line, Blair's natural agility is reflected in her confirmation.

Favoring her Optime form for its various uses means that this shape is the most common one to find her in. Small and fit, Blair looks younger than she really is. Her hair is long and thick, full of waves and curls. She often wears it loose and decorates it with feathers and beads. Blair almost always wears tailored clothing and has many accessories. She is particular about what items she will and will not wear; high quality work often influences her choices. She always wears a blue quartz necklace. Blair often sports both a blue jay feather and eagle feather in her hair.
A dreadfully intelligent woman, Blair is something of an evil-genius. She was brought up in a competitive, ruling-class family where her worth was determined by her success – something which led to Blair honing her most useful abilities with an almost fanatical edge. While her family was a demanding one, Blair found her niche – trade – early. This work gave her reason to explore the world beyond Salsola, where she could forge a new identity and exist independent of her true name. In general, Blair is a charismatic socialite, and one who seems well poised and confident around others.

There is a darker half to Blair's personality. She is a terribly jealous woman, and can become fixated on ideas, especially those she believes are correct. Manipulation is crucial to her work, but it does not end there – Blair has made several downright wicked deals during her life, even to the detriment of those closest to her. Blair believes women are the superior sex, and that only a select few of men are capable of anything more than breeding.

Blair knows various names for supposed otherworldly powers, though does not seem to favor any particular branch. She is extremely well-versed in Norse theology in addition to her the various faiths of her bloodline: The Coisricthe Religion and Khalifism, respectively.
cNPC: Reykja Helsi
Minor NPCs: Winzig (Red Fox), Odo (Grade Horse)
Blair Eternity is a wolfdog member of Salsola, currently living at their Portland Outpost, Fort Preble. She is a high ranking member who focused on trade relations. Reykja Helsi is Blair's mate, and the two are parents to one son.

She is the daughter of Salsola Boss, Salvia Eternity and Stannis de le Poer, born alongside siblings Dullahan and Osrath. Born and raised in the Thistle Kingdom, Blair eventually sought to make use of her notable appearance and filled the elite Faction role as Dealer, a position which saw her trading undercover.

Following the events which occurred after the Red Star's falling, including a wound which dramatically changed Blair's face and the death of Salsola's Crone, she and her newly independent childhood friend Reykja Helsi became mates. They lived in Salsola together for several months until the birth of their son, O'Riley Eternity, before moving to Fort Preble.

Both women currently live in Portland, with Blair acting as the Governor for Salsola's Outpost. There, she leads as a distant Capo member, overseeing the goings-on of the Fort and its multiple members. When not tending to the needs of her pack, Blair is an intrepid explorer and collector. She is always in the market for rare or unique items and animals.
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