Marsali Amarok

Mistfell Vale
Whalstray (NPC)
Luperci Mate to Talon
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6th January 2015
Luperci Ortus
Somewhat resembling a small polar bear, Marsali is big and bulky in all her forms, with a thick coat which makes her look even bulkier. Her fur never completely lost its puppyish fluffiness, though the outer layers are more coarse in adulthood.

Her colouring ranges from sandy markings to an off-white base, with pinkish brown skin pigmentation and bright, brassy eyes.

Marsali's face doesn't give much away in terms of her emotions, something she's had to work hard to achieve. Her muzzle is squarish and short and her ears are on the small side.

In Optime form her hair is thick, wavy and wild, reaching down past her shoulders. Marsali doesn't own many clothes; she's most likely to be found wearing a fur poncho, but even this only comes out in the Winter. Whether she can be badgered into gathering more garments remains to be seen.
As a child and a teenager Sali was endlessly awkward and lacking in self-confidence. Through several trials and tribulations she found confidence in her role as a warrior, blossoming into a skilled (if somewhat stoic and stern) adult.

Marsali never gained the maternal streak that seemed to come naturally to her own Mother and as a result her relationship with her children, particularly her daughter, has always had a level of strain to it.

Haunted by the loss of her birth pack, Marsali has always been a little troubled. Things came to a head in 2017 when she left Auclair and her then-mate, Laurentin, effectively abandoning her children also. Marsali speaks little of these events; luckily few know her well enough to know she had a life before Mistfell Vale.
Parents: Fayne & Altair Amarok
Littermate: Brinan Amarok
Mate: Talon Takekuro
Former mate: Laurentin Aston
Children: Asik Amarok, Amoux Aston
Marsali Amarok was born right after her littermate Brinan on January 6, 2015 to Altair and Fayne of New Dawn.

As a child Marsali worshipped her Father, wanting to be a warrior and protector like Altair, a desire she has carried with her through several packs.

After the demise of New Dawn, the family made a home in AniWaya where Marsali became a skilled warrior shortly before the tribe, too, disbanded.

Having fallen for her one-time leader, Laurentin Aston, Marsali helped him to found Auclair in Quebec. It was there that their children were born: Asik Amarok and Amoux Aston.

In late 2017, for reasons known only to herself, Marsali left her family and Auclair and returned to Souls. There she met up with an old friend, Talon Takekuro, and the two ended up setting up camp together.

After a boozy night Talon randomly proposed mateship to Marsali. After some indecision (and mostly out of stubbornness and a desire for companionship) Marsali accepted. They helped to found a new pack, Mistfell Vale, where Marsali plans to be a warrior and a scout and to continue avoiding facing up to her past.
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