Date of Birth:
31st October 2010
Lorenzo's frame is large. He was a very sturdy child, with a broad chest and thick, long legs. For his age, he was also tremendously tall and as he grew he only got bigger and bigger. His size is due to an inherited "giant gene" from his father, Jaz, and stopped growing at the enormous height of 8 foot 4 the tallest of his family.

Lorenzo's eyes are bi-colored; one is green and the other is violet.

His pelt bears typical timber wolf coloration. His coat is a mixture of light tans, browns, and grays and his face does have some hints of a lighter cream color. He has some varied scars from a life of training and fighting.

His right ear is pierced twice, and he is typically seen wearing hoop earrings. He has a chest tattoo over his heart of the same sun design his father sports around his eye.
Once upon a time Lorenzo was a typical friendly giant, time and multiple betrayals though have worn away the majority of his gentle, loving nature. He is less trusting of strangers and quicker to anger now than ever before. He hasn't much tolerance for nonsense or arrogant behavior.

His family and the more longer standing members of Casa are most likely to see glimmers of the old Lorenzo, the fun loving jolly boy that he used to be.

He is utterly dedicated to Casa and his family, the only thing he has left. And his daughter is the light that keeps him going following the disappearance of his long time love, Juliet.
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