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50% Iberian Wolf, 50% North Eastern Coyote
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25th July 2010
Luperci Ortus
In his Optime form, Kit stands at about five feet, ten inches tall, and has a light build of about one hundred sixty five pounds when healthy and well fed. Kit's legs are a mixture of reddish brown, with dark uneven strips of black along the shin, curving to the outside of the thigh as they go up. The majority of the male's chest is the same reddish brown, though the same dark black fur starts just behind his shoulders, trailing down to the tip of his tail, but is not obvious anywhere but the back. Along the back of Inocencio's right hand, a similar shade of black extends just past his wrist, while the reddish brown fades to a lighter shade on it's way to his finger tips.

Green eyes, and another strip of black going along the top of his coyoteish muzzle help define the male's face. While lighter browns without the reddish tiny cover the lower portions of his face, fading back into the more dominant reddish brown along the middle of his neck. He generally stands upright while in his Optime form, rather than hunched forward.

In his Lupus form, he is about twenty four inches at the shoulder, and weighs in at about seventy pounds. The coyote blood in him all the more obvious in his rather lithe build.

He will rarely use his Secui form, but when he does, is thirty eight inches at the shoulder, and about one hundred fourty pounds.

Scars and blemishes:
The most obvious scar on the male's body, is one caused by the careful work of a hot knife. A pair of nearly inch long double lines placed on the coywolf's right cheek, angled forward. Kit's fairly thick fur running along his back is enough to hide old lash marks from casual glances, but would be noticable if he was inspected closely. Both ears have been pierced(Twice near the base, and once near the tip), and his septum is also pierce, but whatever jewelry had been placed in them are no longer present.
Once upon a time, Kit could have been described by terms like reckless, impulsive, adventurous, and selfish. A chaotic neutral rogue that lived for his own amusement, and while not seeking to harm others, sometimes would in pursuit of his own happiness. A sharp wit, a silver tongue, and a less than noble upbringing all conspired to make the coywolf a bit of a thieving womanizer, the thrill of living on the edge leading to a lot of poor decisions on the male's part.

Now adays, Kit is a little bit more humble, the result of years as someone else's property, the price he paid for getting caught stealing from the wrong group of traders. He was not born a slave, but he has become fairly well trained since his capture, fear of lashes or worse keeping his eyes from straying too far from the ground except the occasional bold(for him) effort to steal a look at others. Though the demands placed on him varied wildly between the series of owners that once called him theirs, a few things molded him more than others.

After being freed, some of his old personality has started bubbling to the surface, in some cases (especially when he is with people he knows well), it would be hard to tell that he had once been a slave. Yet most of this is only skin deep, reverting back to how he was is really just a matter of how much someone might try to push him there. That sort of situation he avoids like the plague however, apt to run away rather than stay in an uncomfortable situation.
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Ananse (With Terra)[unaware of]
Some of Inocencio's most defining characteristics are a result of his mother's lust for adventure. Though Inocencio was born around New Orleans, his mother originally came from an area in what used to be northern spain. A want to explore, and to learn how things worked in the world, ultimately brought the woman who would give him life to a boat in Lisbon. From there she went to Barbados, and eventually to New Orleans, all the while soaking up her surroundings. Before she could make it any further in her aimless quest for experience, a roguish coyote that made his way through life on the backs of others managed to get under the female's skin. He promised her everything, knowing he couldn't provide, but the end result was Inocencio, and two siblings that did not survive the first year. The only thing that had kept Inocencio's father around past the moment he discovered his soon to be responsibility, was his mother's remaining trade-able goods that she had brought to make her travels possible.

So while his sire stuck around, it would have not taken a sage to know it was a dysfunctional relationship, with the father figure only taking a mild interest in Inocencio. The first eight months of his life was mostly spent with his mother, learning bits and pieces of what she knew, mostly boiling down to vague ideas of where she had come from, and destinations she had planned to reach before being weighed down by children. It was during this time, that Inocencio was given the necklace from his mother, and learned the english alphabet, along with the spelling of his name. When the youth started to become a little bit older, his sire took a greater interest, but out of the possibility of having a more trustworthy cohort in his less then reputable dealings. Practical skills for a scoundrel were all that was taught as he started to leave with his father for days at a time, and was introduced to a few vices at the same time. Very small amounts of alcohol became desirable, women, and the material wealth needed to buy them or attract them became a strong goal. His mother's love for adventure, mixed with the father's morals, and produced a bit of a trouble maker.

Eventually, even though the pair of males was good about using false names, and usually only wronging someone at least a day's worth of travel away, it caught up. Father and son were enjoying a shady establishment, when a trader they had stolen from happened to notice them. If it had turned into a fight right there, things may have gone better, but the merchant had decided to stack the odds in his favor by leaving, and returning with other Luperci that he knew. The ensuing confrontation ended with Inocencio bleeding from a knife that had grazed his face, and running for his life, while his companion had not got away. Temptation almost caused him to rush back to his mother, but at the last minute realized that would have only put her in danger as well, and simply left to make his way alone. The day's lesson firmly ingrained in the young adult's mind, that he had to be careful about staying in one spot too long, since his habit of stealing, being a liar, and generally making others angry with him, also had a tendency of catching up.
<On Board 2012ish>
After arriving in the Nova Scotia area, he quickly found himself in mischief of one form or another. The highlight, and most remembered by the male, were his adventures with Terra, a female that he (unbeknownst to him) eventually sired pups with. His ongoing courtship with the fellow coywolf took place on a backdrop of less than faithful behavior with other females he encountered, and failed attempts of the same desires. Most damning for Kit, was a chance meeting between himself, and a pair of females, one the other's slave. Seeking the company of both, the slave's owner offered her to Kit, as a chance to prove he was good enough for the owner's company as well. Despite the slave's obvious protests, Kit took them up on the offer.
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Not long after his encounter with Molcaxitl and Eris, the male found karma catching up with him, as he tried to steal from a group of traders. Being caught red handed, the male failed in escaping, or fighting off the attack that followed. Being traders, they did not kill the coywolf, despite their threats, opting instead of make a bit of wealth off of the would be thief by enslaving him.

Those first few months with his original captors left the majority of Kit's scars, rejecting his new life with repeated efforts to escape, and receiving lashes mixed with beatings as his only reward. When the traders were satisfied that he had been broken enough to pass for a semi-trained slave, he was traded for a few furs, and dried meat. Probably more than he was truly worth, given his lack of skills outside of thievery, a situation that was slowly rectified with lessons, and beatings when he would fail at whatever menial task his various owners had set him to do.

Changing hands several times, Kit would spend over two years as a slave, the vast majority of his time spent in what used to be the american south east. Through his duties as a slave, the coywolf learned a mixture of cooking, and tanning, but was never trusted enough to hunt on his own. Eventually traded one more time, Kit found himself heading northeast again, with another trader who didn't find slaves useful in and of themselves, but considered him as a potentially valuable trade good to lead behind his pack horse laden with other goods.

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