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14th October 2014
Quicksilver Lykoi is an Arbiter of Salsola and is the daughter of Artemisia Eternity and Loki Helsi and sister to Hel Eternity.

Coddled by her father and loved by her mother as a youth, Quicksilver enjoyed a relaxed, if spoiled, childhood with her sister. It was at this early age that she began to notice the differences between genders, and realized that the image of a man was not how she saw herself. She shared this revelation with family with various responses as a result—ranging from warm acceptance from her father to obstinate rejection from her sister.

Soon after this her parents divorced, being the first coupling to do so in their pack. Quicksilver, believing her confession had influence on their broken mateship, silently blamed herself for the separation. Subsequently she and Hel were shamed by virtue of their parent's actions and were placed under higher expectations.

As Hel climbed the ranks of Salsola, Quicksilver floundered—lost amidst her depression and lack of direction, she struggled to find a specialization in Salsola. The two sisters reconciled their differences in the wake of the Red Star and their grandmother's death but the girl's stagnation continued.

She was largely withdrawn and protected from the Second Boreas Conflict, but she was not without injury; Artemisia fell in battle whilst defending Loki. Having regret that she never attempted to close the distance between her and her mother, Quicksilver receded further into lethargy but saved face and comforted her grieving family.

However, she was spurred—after a chance encounter in the Blackwoods, she realized her capacity for magic and rose to claim the title of a Witch. Now filled with ambition, she works to better her craft and to aid her Crone father.
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