Kado Soleil

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Date of Birth:
6th March 2013
(Remains in Optime form unless stated otherwise)

Height - 6' 5"

Weight - 190 lbs

Fur Color
- primary: champagne
- secondary: ivory
- tertiary: chocolate

Eye Color
Golden yellow

Scars or Blemishes
Kado has light scars here and there from various accidents, but nothing terribly noticeable.

Kado's hair is messy and upredictable. In his earlier years, he kept it short and out of the way. Now, however, he has surrendered to it and lets it fall about his shoulders in unkempt waves.

Kado prefers light clothing such as a simple poncho or hooded vest. In colder months, he may also wear a thin cloak.

Kado once had his ears pierced, but he left the holes to close again. He wears his father's handmade ring on his left middle finger, and carries a piece of Dolly's old bridle in a small backpack slung over his shoulder.

Supplies & Weapons
Kado carries a small amount of food, a pouch of water, cloth bandages, and an old hunting knife in his bag. A much larger knife is also holstered on his right thigh.
This is a brief account of major events in his life, not a full record.

MARCH 2015
- Kado turns two and leaves his family to venture out on his own
- Over-zealous about his journey, he wears himself out and becomes stranded in a flooded area
- He is rescued by a member of Casa di Cavalieri and is taken in as a refugee
- He leaves Casa di Cavalieri with the intent to return with more experience
- He meets a girl and falls in love for the first time

APRIL 2015
- He wanders, trying to decide if he wants to return to and join CdC, or leave it behind him
- He rescues a horse, Dolly, from a cliff-side and takes care of her
- He decides to pursue the girl he's in love with and choose which pack he will join later
- He travels to Krokar

MAY 2015
- He joins Krokar, but shortly afterward receives word that his mother is very ill
- He makes the hard decision to return home to look after his mother

- His oldest brother teaches him how to pierce his ears
- He watches over his mother diligently, but the winter weather aggravates her illness and she passes away
- After they bury their mother, Kado's youngest sister offers to stay with their father while the others return home
- Kado stays for a while, but then decides to return to 'Souls territory
- He assumes his love has moved on and does not return to Krokar

MARCH 2016
- Dolly suffers an injury while riding and develops an infection that she does not recover from
- Kado experiences a profound loneliness and depression and hides away in a tent for the duration of the spring and summer

- During a visit home, Kado's sister announces her engagement to a family friend
- His sister and her fiancé elope, and Kado decides to stay with his father for a while

APRIL 2017
- Both Kado and his father contract the illness that arrives with the wet spring
- Already weak and struggling to carry on, Kado's father succumbs to the illness and dies
- Kado survives, both humbled and strengthened by the experience, and sets out to find his place in a pack after burying his father

- Accustomed to his life as a lone traveler, he abandons his dreams of running a pack and spends the rest of his days exploring and meeting all sorts of creatures
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