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Sherlock is as lithe as her mind is quick. What she lacks in size, Sherlock makes up for in speed. Her paws are small and dainty, allowing for the female to move silently as she sticks to the shadows. As a result, the assassin has had to take special care in her training – it would be easy to over power the female if it came down to size and bulk.

Of course, one would have to catch her in the first place. With her natural agility, Sherlock is able to use her size as an advantage when engaging in combat. Paired with her keen mind and observational skills, the female assassin makes for a deadly opponent.

Sherlock is cloaked in a coat of thick, luxurious fur that lays flat against her frame.

To further her advantage in her trade, Sherlock's pelt is an inky black – allowing for her to melt into the shadows. She blends in expertly and often the last thing her targets see are her pale, teal eyes before the assassin strikes.

Her pale gaze is intelligent and brooding, often hiding the the contempt she feels for those who deserve it. It isn't easy to make her laugh, and the only time they appear to show emotion is when she's looking at her best friend and confidante, Dahmer.
Sherlock is not like a typical wolf as she does not willingly seek out companionships and likes to spend most of her time alone. With a mind of a genius, Sherlock has an uncanny ability for deduction; by merely observing (and listening, which isn’t cheating), she is able to pick up clues that tell her about an individual, place, or even events of what happened (if she sees the evidence). Because her mind works differently and faster than others, she considers everyone else to be idiots (not always to be mean, but because that’s how she sees others with ‘simple’ minds) and can only be around them so long. There is one who is an exception, who she doesn’t think is a total waste of space, and that’s Thaddeus Dahmer.

Due to her eccentric behaviour, other wolves who she interacts with often find her weird, bizarre, and often call her a show off (which is true)- it also resulted in other names such as ‘sub-defective’ and ‘nut job’ that were aimed to hurt her feelings but never did. She has no problems speaking her mind without worrying if she’s going to offend anyone; however, Dahmer constantly tries to remind her about trying to work on her empathy.

Since her mind is almost always on, Sherlock tends to get bored very easily if she doesn’t have something to concentrate on. When bored, a number of things can happen: Sherlock can get destructive, she can get purposely cruel or annoying, or she sulks and let’s everyone know her displeasure. One of her favorite pastimes that she finds soothing when she’s in one of her bored moods (or when she’s working through a particularly difficult problem) is to play on her violin; that’s not to say that she won’t use it to annoy others when she’s feeling somewhat mischievous.

Sherlock is also resourceful and dynamic, traits she employs in order to get the job – or a puzzle – done.
Although not a native of Jasper Valley, she was accepted into the Assassin’s Guild through the influence of Thaddeus Dahmer when she was almost a year old. She met Dahmer while he was on his first mission, having been watching him from afar. Something about him had struck her curiosity and made her eventually reveal herself after she watched him go around in circles. She knew that he had been searching for someone and had (in her mind) made an amateur mistake in losing the trail. Caught in a ‘charitable’ mood, she told him which way his mark had gone, going so far as to hypothesize the rough area where Dahmer would find his mark. Intrigued in what he had been doing, Sherlock followed Dahmer until he had completed his mission. Impressed by her methods, Dahmer had explained what he was and what he did, voicing interest in trying to get her to go back with him. The thought of seeing this assassin’s guild caught her interest, and even if it was just for a little while it would have staved off the inevitable boredom that she was constantly plagued with.

It turned out that the Elders were impressed by her skills of deduction and stealth that they offered her a position in their guild, which she accepted. Although the constant training and learning helped her hone her mind and skills even further, the one thing she still didn’t improve in were her acceptable socialization skills. Sherlock was constantly using her deduction skills on everyone around her, which earned her the nickname “Sub-defective” and various other forms; no one was willing to partner up with her, no one except for Dahmer. Although this would have made others miserable, Sherlock had no issues with the partnership- even if Dahmer hadn’t been interested in being her partner and training with her, training alone wouldn’t have phased the young wolf either.

While Sherlock excelled in stealth, speed, and agility, she wasn’t as physically strong as most of the larger assassins in training; however, she was still able to hold her own and would more often than not rely on her quick mind to help her out of a jam.
Over a year passed with Sherlock in Jasper Valley before Dahmer’s sudden disappearance. By then Sherlock was working on her own solo missions and had been out on a rather difficult one when Dahmer had snuck away in the night. Upon her arrival back home, she had been so frustrated with her performance (it had taken her nearly a week and a half to complete it when she was certain she could have finished it within the week) that she immediately isolated herself from everyone else and sulked about it. A few days passed (though it only felt like hours to Sherlock) before she went out into public and immediately knew something was amiss. It wasn’t long before Sherlock collected the clues and figured out what had happened; not willing to panic – because that would involve a form of sentiment – Sherlock decided to see if he would return. She spent the time waiting by purposely annoying a few ‘special’ members of the guild but soon found that the pastime held little interest. The next day, she left Jasper Valley for the last time to search for Dahmer with only her assassin’s robes and her most prized possession, a slightly battered violin.
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