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Azawakh Dog
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13th March 2013
Luperci Ortus
Alkana couldn't look more out of place in a harsh, Canadian landscape. Growing up in an almost completely isolated section of the Sahara, Alkana is mainly an Azawakh dog with some Rhodesian Ridgeback trickling into her bloodline. She is built to be extremely thin and extremely tall, with a dusting of very short, fawn-colored fur coating almost all of her body except for a minimal white patch blotching her belly and white stockings on her front legs. Alkana has eyes of a dark enough brown to be mistaken for a pure black, and long ears that tend to flop in the wind, much to her dislike. Due to the nature of her breed, her ribs show prominently regardless of what form she's in, often leading to the misconception that she's malnourished or otherwise weaker than she may actually be. In reality, while her skinny body may be less-than-ideal for claws-and-teeth fighting situations, her speed and agility let her get away from most any fight she's not prepared for, if not win it.
However, while her lithe, heat-resistant form may have been perfect for life in the Sahara, it's less than ideal in the relatively much colder climate of Nova Scotia. Because of this, she spends the majority of her time in optime form, despite actually enjoying her lupus and secui forms more. To batter herself against the cold, she wears a tailor-fitted black hooded cloak, purchased from a crafter in North Africa. Nonetheless, despite this rather expensive item of clothing, Alkana actually despises the humanized, 'domesticated' look she believes so many canids have succumbed to. Alkana retains as doglike a posture she can in her optime form, and routinely cuts down whatever longer fur might congregate on her head. Possessing no piercings, feathers or other decorative accessories, Alkana prefers to dress as practical as possible without worrying about things like, y'know, physical attractiveness or anything like that.
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