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Casa di Cavalieri
Luperci Carpenter Mate to Honrin The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons
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Guinevere usually sticks to her Optime form, an averagely tall female with the distinct markings of a german shepherd covering her more wolfishly shaped body. From the crown of her head down her dorsal and to the tip of her tail, including her german shepherd's saddle as well as the tresses of her hair, she is a dark, rich reddish wine color, a hue inherited directly from her mother and one of her most vain characteristics. Down her sides and across her face, it lightens to a soft tan brown, but over her chest and belly, it becomes a warm creamy color. Her eyes are a sharp and sometimes chilling ghostly green shade, another inheritance from her Maman that she is proud to have been gifted.
Guinevere usually keeps her wine red locks either loose down past her shoulders or braided in varying styles, occasionally picking up some looks that harken to the traditional Denahlii clan that she has married into.
Other details to note are the fact that she rarely goes about without one of her signature weapons, those being either her short sword or one or both of her dual axes. She also rarely goes without her tri-pendant necklace; the sun symbol of the Knight family which her father had been adopted into at the top, the courtship carving Honrin had given her in the middle, and hanging from the bottom her modest chunk of purple fluorite symbolizing her rise to Brotherhood status. On a separate leather cord is a single canine tooth from her departed brother, which she also wears at all times.
Once upon a time, Guinevere might have been a softly spoken individual with admittedly low self-esteem and high expectations of herself.
She still has high expectations, however, they are slightly more realistic to her current skill and station. When younger Guinevere was convinced the world was upon her shoulders, her father had been made Lune at the time, and her mother had become Head Diplomat on the Council. She was a little stuck up about it, but most of her bravado and aloofness were due to the extreme paranoia and duress of thinking she had to be perfect due to their positions.
Now far more mature and aware of the world, Guin knows perfection is a farfetched dream. Her confidence has its ups and downs, rolling with the varying turmoil that is her life, as does anyone. But overall Guinevere is a strong-minded individual, and she doesn't believe in mincing words or beating around the bush. She will fight for what is right and what she believes in no matter who she's going toe to toe with, even if that happens to be anyone ranked above her. Not even her own mate is safe, as he's come to find out to his own detriment. She has the fire of a phoenix beating in her heart and she rarely hesitates to raise it for those who can't. Whether you're bathed in its warmth or scorched within the inferno lies entirely with you.
Guinevere has a fiercely protective spirit of those closest to her and an aggressive dominant streak a mile wide that rarely sees the light of day, at least at its fullest. She uses it as fuel when going on one of her crusades, but it never becomes uncontrolled.
Mate - Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Children - Artoia Denahlii, daughter. Tristan Callow-Wolfe, son, and Nanouk Denahlii, son.
Known Stepchildren - Risa Rivera, son, and Kjintora Wolfe-Denahleigh, daughter.
Father - Alistair Callow
Mother - Lola
Brother - Tristan Callow
Extended family - Anyone of the Knight/Marino/Stryder/Garcia/Damaichu/Hushhowl tree
yNPC - Nanouk Denahlii and Tristan Callow-Wolfe
Guinevere was born to Alistair and Lola after a particularly difficult pregnancy. She was the firstborn of the litter and Alistair and Lola's very first baby girl. She lived with her mother and father in their home in the Fort Kingsbury Town square. They shared their home with a cat- d'Artagnan who Lola had adopted as a family member. Guinevere was cherished by both parents equally, Alistair and Lola always made an effort to spend quality time with their children, even when their schedules were full and bustling with activity due to their ranks.
When things began to fall apart, Guinevere opted out of the stressful situation by moving into the Courthouse, hoping her parents would figure it out so she could move back in and they'd be happy again.
This hope would not be a reality, as things only escalated until they eventually broke. Alistair and Lola absolved their mateship and went separate ways, albeit staying in the pack for the benefit of their children. It didn't last long, as the final straw for her Da came when he went out of his way to hunt down his estranged, manipulating father and kill him for the things he'd done. But Alistair felt that he'd done wrong by this, and so bade his daughter farewell and left Casa di Cavalieri for the wilds of Nova Scotia to look for ways of redeeming himself.
For a long, long time, Guinevere had been angry at her father for leaving. It wasn't until later when her brother visited to inform her that their mother, Lola, had never arrived at his pack for her scheduled trading visit, that the anger morphed into a bone-deep sorrow, a pining for the family that'd been torn apart.
It didn't help that, when Guin mustered the courage to get on horseback and make a trip to her brother's pack, injuring herself in the process, only to find out that he'd, also, disappeared into the wind in an attempt to search for their mother. All of these things coalesced into an orb of bitterness, wedged in her chest. Loneliness she could not fill.
Life began to breathe back into her, however, when she accidentally bonded with Arlen Stryder during one of her drunk moments in the old carpentry shop house. Since then, steadily, she's come out of her shell more and more, even to the point of falling helplessly in love with Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, no matter how much both of them try to downplay it.
Many moons of cat and mouse ensued, where one did not want to move forward for a fear of losing the other. This came to a culmination however one night when Honrin had been contemplating the moon and found the courage to ask Guinevere for her official hand in mateship.
She of course accepted and they were wed almost immediately, with all breathing a sigh of relieved exasperation that their dance had come to a close. Some months into their partnership and Guin was overtaken by one of her heats and Honrin was a bit too close. They ended up doing the deed out of sheer feral necessity, neither capable of fighting the instinctive urges. Guin became pregnant, supposedly, but after only a few weeks it became obvious she had miscarried, or perhaps they'd never developed at all.
Depression hit both partners hard after the loss, and they even began to drift apart some. Multiple events happened within their pack's walls, devastating things that threatened to tear apart their very foundation. Somehow, in this adversity, Guinevere managed to find her footing and raise her voice in what she deemed as justice.
Once she'd reconciled with Honrin as well, they discussed trying again for children, this time on purpose. They both agreed, and when her next cycle hit there was no hesitation. During her pregnancy when she still wasn't sure whether she'd kept it or not, she became a Mentor to Nilda Catori, a rambunctious child that reminded her of her own childhood. Some conflicts also arose here, wherein Nilda ended up running away in distress outside of the pack lands and getting kidnapped. Guin could not help as much as she wanted to, at the time heavy with child and unwilling to undertake anything too risky for her own health.
Guinevere gave birth to her first daughter with Honrin, Artoia Denahlii, and only a few days later she was sent out on a scout mission to bring back Nilda, from which she successfully returned with her apprentice in tow, back to her daughter and husband's sides.
Raising her daughter was no easy feat, but watching her child grow and explore was a feeling she'd never trade away and wanted more of. So when she went into heat again, she and Honrin tried again for more. Two months later, two boys were born, Tristan Callow-Wolfe and Nanouk Denahlii.
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