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Aenan Pyr is tall, lean, and muscled. This combination made him look quite imposing in his youth. With age came a greyed face, yellow and dulled teeth, some missing, arthritis in his gnarled hands as well as in his knees and hip. He walks with a slight limp, though on good days it appears to be absent. Suffice to say he looks far more subdued than he did in his younger years.

Despite his age his eyes are still clear and bright, devoid of cataracts or injury. He boasts a coat primarily of tans and deep browns. The salt and pepper on his face has crept into the dark brown mask, and grey flecking of fur can be spotted around his eyes. The scars across his face he received in the past are mere echoes now, hardly seen unless his fur is parted.

His voice is soft and light, very odd for the sheer size of his body. Standing at seven feet tall and hunched over, the man is still very imposing, but his gentle yellowed smile and kind demeanor tends to both balance and juxtapose his intimidating features. His fur looks like it needs a brushing most of the time, as he can't quite brush himself well. Smelling of fish and earth, he's not the most pleasant scent in the world, but he is sweet. Hopefully that's enough to overcome his smelliness.
Aenan is a very gentle giant, seeking to help others instead of hindering them. The man has not let age get him down, though he will admit it has made him slower. His relationship with Alen has caused him to be less withdrawn and a bit more social. Despite that he is still more apt to watch and listen, but is more than happy to dispense wisdom where it’s needed, even going as far to reach out to others who aren’t willing to reach out to others when they need the help. The man uses his experiences in his life to help guide others in theirs, using his mistakes as lessons.

Despite his gentle nature, he is very defensive of his family, and will protect them at all costs. He sees his life as long and well-lived, so he isn’t very afraid to lay it on the line to keep his loved ones safe. While willing to sacrifice himself, he isn’t foolish. Opting to take the easy path in life, he perpetuates his existence by taking minimal risks. He sees his knowledge as an asset, and as his body fails he seeks to give out what he has learned so it still could be of some use.

Aenan’s been mostly agnostic all of his life, but with his advanced age becoming more and more apparent to not only him, but everyone around him, the man has started to seek enlightenment where he can. Water had always been a part of his life, and when he visited Marquette after many years of being gone his reverence for Lake Superior was rekindled. One day he will be taken by the waters to live in the ice water mansion like all the mariners who lost their lives in that freshwater sea. He found peace with that thought, and is willing to go when the time comes. Though seeing his wife and children always make him hold whatever he has in his hands tighter. A reaction to grip onto life just a little longer.
Alena: Mate
Aenara Pyr: Mother
Martin Pyr: Father
Shiras Pyr: Son, from Vivecca
Marqus Pyr: Son, from Vivecca
Viviane Pyr: Daughter, from Vivecca
Rebecca Pyr: Daughter, from Vivecca
Jacques Pyr: Son, from Alena
Susan Pyr: Daughter, from Alena
Seen as a disgrace from his birthpack, and unwanted in his father’s pack, Aenan didn’t grow up too well. While treated well at home, he was not given the same respect within the day to day in Marquette. Despite that he tried to flourish, becoming a skilled fisherman and flintknapper. Though he ended up leaving after being denied a marriage proposal by his intended’s father. This was after he had bedded his childhood friend and swore his vows to her.

Stress and anger carried him eastward, down many rivers and along many lakes until he found himself on the Miramichi River where he was found by August Cormier and brought into Krokar. The place was much like his home pack, though they were without the prejudice that plagued him throughout his early life. His path to confidence was a slow and steady one, but with the help of his packmates, the fisherman eventually got over his fear of others and was allowed to prosper and hone his various crafts.

The burning of Fiskbeyn and dissolving of Krokar was a heavy blow to Aenan. It left him alone, worried, and with a heavy distrust of anyone wearing a mask. Anger brewed in him, but his peaceful nature kept that storm from making landfall. Eventually he settled down and found a young woman named Alena to protect. He had a new goal, and pushed aside the idea to go home. Instead he’d make a home for the woman who seemed more lost than he. As time went by, and into seasons’ change, he found himself falling for the lass. She helped him when his hands didn’t want to work. She listened to his guidance and worked hard. She was beauty and explosive grace. She was young though, too young for the dull-toothed man, and try as he did, he failed to deter her own advances, eventually sharing his bed with her permanently in their shared home.

A sad realization came to him as he figured Alena alone wouldn’t be able to take care of him should he become too lame or wounded while they lived in the woods. Eventually she cave to that thinking too, and the two set off to find a home in Mistfell Vale. Their time there was rather brief as he felt an urge to go back to Marquette to see his family that he left behind. With a promise to return in a few months, Aenan and Alena trekked out westward to the great lakes.

It was in that journey where Alena became pregnant with their two pups Jaques and Susan Pyr. The pair were birthed in Marquette and raised by the odd couple with help from Aenan’s still-living parents. Aenan was able to see his parents once more, and got to meet the children from his first coupling with Vivecca. While most of them were pleased to have finally met their father, none really paid too much attention to the old man. They had grown up and had families of their own, duties to fill in the pack. There was one son though, Shiras, the spitting image of Aenan who immediately took to his dad’s side. The younger Pyr was ready for adventure and wanted to know his father instead of just knowing of him.

The Pyrs left after an extended stay in Marquette, once the pups were ready for travel. While his parents were sad to see their son go, they knew Marquette was not his home. They were proud to see that he had developed into a good man and wished the family well on their journey back east. Aenan left sad as well, sad that he probably would never see his parents again after leaving, but he was happy to have given them closure.

The Pyrs took water ways when they could, canoeing here and there, but eventually traveling on foot became the main way of locomotion. They stopped by and saw old friends Aenan and Alena had made in Mistfell Vale, and heard about it’s disbandment. They were saddened that they had no home to return to, but Aenan assured Alena they could live in the shelter they built together in the wilderness. With a new destination set, the band headed out once more, though there would be another hiccup along the way.

Jaques was injured just a few days' travel away, and was rendered unable to travel. Aenan and Shiras continued the journey, leaving Alena and the pups behind so Jaques could heal with aid of a small traveling group they had bumped into. Shiras and his father made their way to the old shelter and repaired it to a comfortable order. It would be temporary though, as Aenan was very weary from the journey to Marquette and back. He knew a pack would need to take care of him eventually, and so he sought out to find a new one with his son, so as not to be a burden on his new family.
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