Hybrid (coyote+wolf+dog)
Date of Birth:
3rd October 2012
Luperci Ortus
[dimensions]5ft,5in 135lbs 36in 100lbs 69in 25in 60lbs 56in[/dimensions]

Vi’s base coat is painted soft Sapling, and transitions into Pampas on her brow dots, cheeks, below her eyes, underside of muzzle, underside, tail-tip and paws. Her mask and stockings are Muddy Waters, while her large eyes are a dazzling Seagull. Her nose is painted with a rare Misty Rose, and doused Tulip Pink frecles are scattered along her mask. The pupil on her left eye is Milk White and blind. Her coat is rich and healthy, with some muscle underneath. Some of her distinctive characteristics are her unusually long bottlebrush tail, and her overly large ears, making her look somewhat like an oversized fox without proper markings.

She was the runt of the litter, and as an adult remains slender and fragile in appearance. She has always been underweight, though has gained both weight and muscle once she passed her first birthday. Despite her slim figure, willowy, feminine curves are present in Optime, accompanied by a rich flow of dazzling blonde hair that reaches all the way to her lower back.

Due to her obvious weaknesses, she was very insecure and timid as a child, with a complete lack of faith in herself. Once grown up, her limitations caused her to withdraw some from the rest of the pack, reducing her ability to practice social interaction.

Her heart is gentle, something she has inherited from her late mother. While she does not support the darker ways of Salsola, she does accept it, and works hard to overcome her moral compass.

She loves her family and pack, despite their differences. And while she does not have many friends, she is by nature very friendly, and genuinely sweet to those she meets (unless poorly treated).
Violeta is the daughter of China Rose Lykoi and Itachi Lykoi. She was born in Salsola and was raised by Itachi and Siv Helsi when her mother died in childbirth. Once their children were grown up, Itachi moved out and brought Violeta with him to his old home that he had shared with China. She remains close to her family, though is most comfortable with Itachi for time being.
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