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7th June 2014
Luperci Ortus
Nex is incredible social, he thrives on companionship and happiness. He is fiercely loyal, and is likely to aid those he regards as friends and allies in whatever they need. It's hard not to like him, he has many good qualities. Patience, generosity, always strives to cheer people up. Nex is a ball of energy and always keeps himself occupied by seeking out new relationships with those in his pack. He'll help those in need, sharing what he has and being all over welcoming. Nex is charming and sweet.

But the above only applies if you are not a wolf. Nex was raised in a highly prejudice family, all of his siblings believe that their duty is to make the wolves atone for their sins. He himself, takes a very violent and twisted route to this. He enjoys torturing and mutilating his victims, often devouring their flesh and painting there skulls. He will be nice to wolves, but ultimately it's only to coax them in.

His main weakness is his manipulation. He doesn't mean to, but he is quite convincing and friendly enough to persuade people to do what he wants. At heart, he is ambitious and works hard to achieve the things he wants, even if it means using some people. He is a reliable shoulder to cry on, if only because he likes to endear himself to people, especially when they're weak. Nex also has the potential to be quite an abusive friend/mate/whatever in the future.

It's worth nothing that had he not been raised with his families harsh beliefs, it's very likely that he would be very accepting of wolves and hybrids. At the end of the day, his views are not entirely his own and are a product of his fanatic upbringing. Unfortunately, his views are wholly unlikely to change as he ages.

Since the CdM conflict his personality has darkened.
Mother: Symera Villisca
Father: Priest de le Poer
Children: Elisabeth de le Poer
Siblings: SO MANY
Extended family: SO, SO MANY
Nex was born to Priest and Symera alongside five siblings. He was raised pretty radically and that morphed him into what he is today.

He left his parents to find Inferni eventually, but spent two months in a monastery, refining his worshipping skills.

Then he came to Inferni with a load of bones and paint and swag cause he's fun like that!
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