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4th June 2014
Luperci Ortus
Ode leans strongly toward the wolf side of her heritage, with a naturalistic pelt of greys and browns she inherited from her father, Ascher. She has a base coat of pale grey, marked with hints of beige along her face, ears, cape and fore-legs. A peculiar trait to the woman's face is markings around her eyes which resemble spectacles.

A slender muzzle and delicate features lend her a demure air, which is further accentuated by the large and expressive eyes that peer out from underneath an tangled mane. Her hair is akin to her mother, Aspen, and falls in unruly curls around the girl's face and past her shoulder blades. Often left unrestrained, Ode finds it a useful tool for concealing herself; generally, her wooden Frithr necklace is framed by loose curls.

The girl is clothed in a shaggy coat that clings to her long and lean frame. There is a elegance about her body that many are unaware of, particularly the female, as she is usually seen hunched over her books. She is well-known for carrying herself with a shy gait, oft with a downcast gaze and curved back as though her mind were focused on private thoughts and matters.
Shy x Fearful x Stubborn x Curious x Reserved x Sensitive

The girl is a quiet presence within an ever-changing world, as little seems to disturb the peaceful surface of Ode's serene face. To a stranger's eye, it could be assumed that the girl is a silent and simple creature with few ideas of her own due to the fact that Ode tends to hold her silence and keep to herself. However, those who know Ode have come to appreciate the depth of her thoughts, warmth of her heart and her sensitivity toward her surroundings.

Ode's voice is often kept low, her speech littered with stuttered and stumbled words, unless she is speaking about something that moves her. When such a thing happens, her body language becomes more open and her voice is clear and loud.

Ode thrives in silence and study, and is often known to seal herself away with her writing tools and books or else roaming Vinatta in a contemplative daze. Whilst she adores her books and reading, she admires the teachings of others and when the mood strikes her, will engage in intellectual discussion with others about what she has learned. Whilst academic matters are easily discussed, thoughts and feelings of a personal nature are hardly risen by her.

Struggling and unable to cope with the changes thrown at her, Ode has gradually internalised her problems and in some way agonises over the thought that she might have been the cause. As such, Ode has turned to her own diary to journal the tumultuous ebbs and flows of her young life as she fears upsetting her loved ones and being a burden, particularly to her mother.
Aspen - Mother
Ascher Stormbringer - Father
Shore Stormbringer - Sister
Alfher - Large ginger-and-white tabby Maine Coon cross
Ode Stormbringer was born June 2014 to Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer, alongside a sister, Shore. They had a sheltered upbringing, largely protected from the dangers of the world. However, the tremors of Florina Soul's take-over of Vinatta could still be felt within the midst of the pack, and this unease filtered through to the pups. A month after, Ode met with her cousins: Izrian, Sylven, Ahti and Akara Firebringer.

Tension rises between her parents during August 2014 which lead to Ascher leaving his family for a month. The couple reconcile during their children's Asuna Vatne ceremony, much to the relief of Ode who had been aware of her parent's anxiety for quite some time. Receives her personal Frithr necklace, a sacred symbol that ties her to the rest of her pack.

During the Autumn, the girls begins to mix with her cousins and are taught important life skills such as tracking and hunting. It is also during this time that her spark for reading and knowledge was first kindled, when alongside her father she learned to read. Ode was aware of Shore's dismissive opinion of this activity, but nevertheless dived into her lessons with intensity.

In the winter of 2014, Shore shifts for the first time. Ode, who has learned from previous experiences dealing with her sister, is outwardly pleased for Shore. Inwardly, she feels inadequate. It would take the coming of the new year before Ode would experience her own transformation. The girl relished being able to turn the pages of her books with more ease than she had in a quadruped form, and alongside becoming accustomed to her new body she is taught healing skills by Ascher.

February saw the arrival of male who elicited fear in Aspen, which was picked up on by Ode. March is followed by thick rains which disfigures the pack lands and causes problems for Vinatta; at this tumultuous time, the male, Xiphos attempts to steal horses but is stopped. Her mother is hurt in the process, but Xiphos is driven away.

During April, Ascher announces his intention to leave, with their half-sister Bel in the hopes of finding her mother and his former mate. This event leaves Ode to look to her mother for support, and would later be the moment that ignited an epiphany; she could be Aspen's pillar of strength just as much as her mother was hers.

A month later and Shore declared she wanted to travel, which strikes a note of resentment from Ode. She had held onto the naïve hope that her family would remain together regardless of the challenges. To have this belief shaken left her reeling silently, but she took comfort in her mother's decision to have Shore remain for a while longer.

The next few months saw Ode building up her reserves for the feared day her family would separate. She sought to build up her defences to the difficulties in life, and found solace in the words of others as well as the written word. It was at this time that she began to pour her heart and soul into a hand-made journal that she maintained, unable or unwilling to impose her worries onto her family or friends. Ode would continue to practise her healing abilities from where she had left off with Ascher, and found that helping other acted as a balm to her own pain.

A new year dawns, and with it the arrival of Moss Opera into her life. She is told that the wolfdog is a friend of her mother's from her birth pack, and hesitantly watches and waits before forming her own opinion. Later, the girls would discuss the new arrival together, and Ode would learn of Shore's initial positive impression of Moss. Ode's thoughts were elsewhere; would Moss try to take the place of her beloved father in their lives? She carries this thought with her secretly, and tries to keep an open-mind of the male in the meantime.
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