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50% Wolf x 37.5% Coyote x 12.5% Dog
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17th January 2014
25% Eastern Timber Wolf x 12.5% Labrador Wolf x 12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf x 37.5% Northeastern Coyote x 12.5% Siberian Husky

Calanthia is transgender; if given access to modern human labels, she'd likely consider herself transfeminine nonbinary. This means that despite being perceived as physically male by those she encounters, she considers herself female and uses she/her pronouns.

Lupus Ref

Calanthia has a base coat of (#cdbca4) Soft Amber with (#ac9c77) Sandrift markings on her back, scruff, tail, elbows, face, ears, and cheeks. Her underside, muzzle, socks, and ear tips are (#f1f1f1) White Smoke. The tip of her tail, her nose, and her paw pads are (#3b3b39) Zeus. A strip down the center of her nose lightens to (#d68d8d) Petite Orchid during the winter. Her eyes are (#c2c9d3) Link Water. Her hair in optime form is primarily (#ac9c77) Sandrift with streaks of (#cdbca4) Soft Amber and (#f1f1f1) White Smoke.

In lupus form, Calanthia is 41" tall and weighs 112 lb. In all forms she looks wolfish with a deep, narrow chest and a soft, thick, multi-layered coat. Her ears are slightly too large and her muzzle is slightly more tapered than a full-blooded wolf. Her long-legged gait also has an odd trot-like quality to it; this along with her other physical traits betrays her partial coyote heritage. The only evidence of dog in Calanthia is found in the multicolored nails on her left front foot and right rear foot (some white, some black), her slightly curled tail, her light blue eyes, and her "snow nose" during the winter. Despite being well-muscled, her height and long legs make her look leaner than she is, especially during the summer.

In secui form Calanthia is 50" tall and weighs 173 lb. She becomes larger and stockier with a thick, slightly wavy mane. The longer strands fall from her scruff to her shoulders in a disheveled manner.

In optime form Calanthia is 6'11 and weighs 222 lb. She is tall with broad shoulders and lacks the soft curves of traditional womanhood, but her long limbs provide superficial leanness to her physique. Her hips taper inward slightly and her features are faintly angular. Silken waves cascade down her shoulders to the middle of her back with some strands falling noticeably into her eyes. She frequently ties her hair back in a tight, fishtail braid, which is the primary reason her hair appears so wavy in this form.

Calanthia usually wears loose, long-sleeved pullover shirts in neutral colors and earth tones, as well as long, simple skirts. She will forego a shirt most commonly when it's hot out or it's raining, at which point she will tie it around her waist. She always carries a sturdy leather satchel over her shoulder within which she stores herbs, rocks, feathers, and other things she can use in her practice. She also always wears a small mirror with an eye painted on it around her neck; it's a parting gift and protective amulet from her father.

Calanthia's voice is smooth and gentle with a modulated tone. By forcing herself to concentrate on how she speaks and sounds, she's found what she considers her best-sounding speech and has stuck with it. When anxious, her voice raises slightly in pitch and she repeats and corrects herself, under the impression she can't be understood. Calanthia also has a slight French accent.
Good-natured, trusting, ambitious, optimistic, impulsive, loyal, unopposed to lying, swears, hopeless romantic (toward others), values platonic relationships more than romantic/sexual relationships, values altruism and nurturing behavior, values sympathy and empathy, has issues expressing sympathy and empathy, fairly outgoing, dislikes large groups, suffers from minor hallucinations, observant, alert, disorganized thinking, forgetful, has trouble expressing herself, has meltdowns, fidgets and stims to calm down, has post-meltdown depressive moods and general irritability, is a witch, believes in/practices magic

Abilities: Sewing, identifying and collecting plants, creating medicines and poisons, practicing magic, rudimentary archery, rudimentary reading and writing

Calanthia has a good-natured, outwardly trusting disposition. Ambitious and optimistic, she feels her goals are within reach and that little can hold her back from them. Her pace may be slow going at times, but she refuses to stagnate without progress. This can lead to impulsiveness; she'll see a potential solution and jump at it without considering the consequences. She also considers it important to be honest and loyal when possible and seeks a chosen family that believes the same; regardless, Calanthia has minimal issue lying to save her ass. She also swears frequently, though not excessively.

Calanthia can be a bit of a hopeless romantic; more so toward others than in relation to herself. Doesn't enjoy flirting and personally values platonic relationships over romantic or sexual ones. She is demisexual and demiromantic.

She values altruism and nurturing behavior strongly; she views it as necessary for a pack to succeed with any longevity. Sympathy and empathy are equally important to Calanthia as she feels expressing common feelings helps forge stronger bonds. Despite this, she struggles with providing sympathy and being empathetic unless she sincerely feels she can relate to the situation at hand. Regardless, she tries. Keyword being tries.

While fairly outgoing, she is easily overwhelmed by groups of Luperci and prefers calm, one-on-one conversation. When forced into borderline crowd settings, she becomes tense and anxious due to mental illness. She is prone to mild olfactory (smell-based), auditory (hearing-based), and gustatory (taste-based) hallucinations, Calanthia suffers from increased difficulty separating real sensory input from imagined sensory input when in large groups.

Observant and alert to her surroundings, Calanthia can usually separate real stimuli from imagined stimuli when alone or in small groups.

Her thinking is often disorganized and she is highly forgetful, especially when tired; her thoughts can become word soup in her head if she doesn't concentrate, leading to a nonsensical flow of words from her mouth if prompted to speak without warning. She'll understand what she meant, but it's unlikely anyone else will. It can then take several seconds for her to collect her thoughts enough to elaborate and clarify what she intended to say. This is helped little by her knack for associating words and concepts with completely unrelated words and concepts; at times, it is impossible for her to relate the two seemingly disconnected thoughts to properly express herself. It's an unpleasant, stressful reminder that she has less control over parts of herself than she'd like.

It's during times like these that Calanthia becomes quiet, reserved, and shuts herself away from others. Her frustration and anxiety makes interaction a sensory nightmare; she's found few people who can quietly sit with her and help her fidget during her borderline meltdowns, and she has since moved on from then in favor of greener pastures. Greener, more stressful pastures.

After meltdowns, Calanthia is almost always emotionally drained. This can make her extremely tired (exacerbating her memory problems), depressive, and more prone to hallucinations. She's hardly dangerous like this; she's just irritable and grumpy, assuming she feels much of anything at all.

She's also, coincidentally, a witch. Taught magic and witchcraft by her father's side of the family, she believes wholeheartedly in her ability to influence events through intent and will. Simple things like increasing the likelihood it will rain, cleansing an area of negative energy, and creating sigils to gently encourage desired outcomes. Also some cursing on an as-needed basis. She doesn't believe in spells or rituals failing per se; its manifestation is just different than the original intent. Her practice primarily involves herbs, stones, smoke cleansing, feathers, spell casting, candles, and poppets (small dolls intended to aid or harm a target magically). She'll even offer her skills to an interested party for a good meal or a neat trinket.

Unknown to Calanthia, the form of witchcraft she knows and practices is a combination of Gardnerian Wicca (discovered by a paternal great grandparent through scavenged books), folk magic, and things made up over time.


Calanthia is capable of sewing basic, lightweight garments and patching up average wear and tear in cloth and leather.

She can expertly identify many southeastern Canadian plants and herbs, as well as appropriately store them. She is then capable of creating very basic plant-based medicines and more advanced poisons.

Her magical ability varies in skillfulness; she's capable of producing a decent spell, but has difficulty performing rituals due to concentration issues. She considers herself most talented at smoke cleansing, creating sigils, and spell casting.

Calanthia has rudimentary archery skills; she can string a bow and knock an arrow, but her aim is bad and she can never quite remember how to hold the bow right when shooting.

She has basic reading and writing skills, though her writing is better than her reading.
Mother: Adeline Camilla Faire née Bonner
Father: Piers Raymond Faire
Younger Brothers: Cyrus Gabriel Faire, Dorian Edgar Faire
Maternal Grandmother: Emmeline Jeannette Bonner née Foss
Maternal Grandfather: Gilbert Lou Bonner
Paternal Grandmother: Kestrel Lucille Faire née Durant
Paternal Grandfather: Bertrand Cyril Faire
Paternal Aunts: Iris Marie Faire, Louise Sandra Holt née Faire, Jocelyn Diane Faire
Cousins: Mallory Beatrix Holt, Sophie Arden Faire
January 2014 - April 2014

Calanthia is born with a different name alongside three stillborn siblings with her large family in attendance. She spends the first few months of her life getting accustomed to the settlement her pack, a group of French-Canadian wolves and wolf hybrids, have claimed as their own. Her father carries her around as he tends to his magical practice and her mother reads to her in English and French nightly. Ultimately, this is lessened to only English, as it's hard enough to teach Calanthia to read English words and phrases.

Mid-April 2014 - June 2014

Calanthia's parents learn she suffers from similar hallucinations to her father, and her mother Adeline proceeds to go off the deep end and begins to emotionally abuse Calanthia. She is required to recite phrases her mother writes for her such as "lying is bad and I will never lie to mother about made up things again" instead of her previous reading lessons.

Calanthia's father Piers assures his child that she's normal, that it's all okay, and that he's proud of her. He understands, because he hears strange things, too. Conversely, Adeline grows colder toward Calanthia and is more expectant of her "son," Calanthia spends less time around her mother and more time around her father's side of the family. She begins to learn about their magical practice and finds herself hooked.

June 2014 - Mid-July 2014

Calanthia begins to understand that she isn't male and cringes when hearing her birth name and when masculine terms are attributed to her. She wants to look like her older cousin Mallory who's just had her first shift; she's pretty, unlike Calanthia. Despite her father, Aunt Iris, and Aunt Jocelyn promising she can tell them anything, she's convinced they won't understand and won't accept her.

Calanthia's first shift only exacerbates her discomfort. She becomes a "fine young man" and even her mother is proud of her "handsome son." She doesn't feel handsome. She feels weird and broken. Calanthia isn't entirely a woman, she doesn't think, but she definitely isn't a man. She learns that covering up her body helps; she soon amasses a wardrobe of old skirts and pullover shirts that hide the parts of her she doesn't like.

Mid-July 2014 - November 2014

Calanthia throws herself into her studies to combat her dysphoria. She endures her daily "writing lessons" that replaced her "reading lessons;" an hour a day during which her mother forces her to rewrite handwritten phrases condemning lying and so-called "make believe games" to ensure her child's "normalcy."

More enjoyable activities include lessons on her father's magical practice, as well as learning to identify the plants and herbs in the area. Aunt Iris, upon learning her "nephew" was taking such an interest in plant collecting, feels it is paramount to teach Calanthia the innumerable things to do with plants once found. Calanthia is especially drawn to making and learning about poisons, which results in Iris suggesting Piers teach her how to perform curses. That way Calanthia could have another metaphysical method of defense, in addition to the protective wards she'd been taught.

Her paternal grandfather Bertrand and Aunt Jocelyn teach Calanthia basic weapons skills. Jocelyn, a trained archer, insists the girl focus on that. While it's a good way of building muscle, Calanthia's aim is poor and her concentration issues make improvement a slow process. Still, she becomes good enough to hit her aunt's targets. Y'know, if she's really lucky and the wind is just right and she remembers how to properly hold her bow.

Her paternal grandmother Kestrel teaches her to sew, though frequently instructs Calanthia on the same techniques over and over again as if they're brand new.

Despite her friendly relationship with her cousin Mallory, Mallory's mother Louise and Calanthia's maternal grandparents are distant at best and mean-spirited at worst to Calanthia.

November 2014 - Mid-January 2015

At ten months old, Calanthia makes a decision. She's going to tell her family, at least some of it, that she's not really a boy. She doesn't want to hide anymore.

Coming out to her Aunt Iris is accidental; she overhears her niece practicing a rather jumbled coming out speech. Iris responds by kindly explaining that she understands; whereas Calanthia isn't a man, Iris isn't a woman. The girl's aunt is something in between, something special. Just as special as Calanthia is. Their plan of Calanthia coming out further on her own terms is interrupted by the surprise news that Adeline is pregnant.

The pack sees another January birth of two little boys who quickly become Adeline's pride and joy. Calanthia is practically ignored by her mother, even as her first birthday comes and goes.

Mid-January 2015 - June 2015

Calanthia secretly comes out to the rest of her father's side of the family, beside Aunt Louise and Mallory. While not everyone understands, they prove accepting. By comparison, Calanthia is only ridiculed when she tries to spend time with Cy and Dorian, her little brothers. Adeline watches them like a hawk and doesn't want Calanthia to "make them crazy." If Adeline isn't watching Calanthia with "her boys," Piers better be.

Ultimately, Cy overhears a conversation between Calanthia and their father and later asks why Adeline never told him he "had a sister." While first convinced that Calanthia has passed on her "crazy" to her younger brothers, the truth is quickly revealed.

Adeline takes it horribly, and before she can act upon the "consequences" she promises Calanthia, her father's side of the family provides her enough supplies to make it to Jocelyn's favorite trade hub, a place called Freetown. She leaves and doesn't plan on ever looking back.
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