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In the land of Souls, in the fires of photoshop, the Dark Cryptid San forged in secret this avatar to forget all others
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1st January 2016
Luperci Ortus
Tiamat has a petite facial structure with a narrow snout and almond shaped eyes. Her build is compact and efficient, similar to a gymnast, and although she is relatively short for a Luperci, she has no difficulty holding her own in dangerous situations or against opponents twice her size.

Tiamat maintains her appearance more out of necessity than vanity, as her dense and curly fur coat makes a quick mess if left untouched. It is a pleasant mix of mottled blacks and blue-grays, gleaning from her Australian Shepherd ancestry, and with splashes of white notably around her underside, neck, and nose. She carries herself with a calm, confident air that one might expect from a seasoned warrior.

A feature of note are her spaniel ears, signature of her Amaranthine blood. While ordinarily left down, she has taken in recent times to tying them back like her mother. Accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle, Tiamat has learned to keep only what is useful and spare the rest. Her armor typically consists of boiled and decorated leather, furs, and a short slip dress that keeps the pressure off her fur. She often carries a heavy steel axe (a double-bitted Labrys) which, when not in use, is wrapped in furs and string and kept on a shoulder strap.
Tiamat is a resolute warrior willing to do what is necessary to create a more just and humane world. Like iron, she can seem cold and intractable, but past her well-guarded front is a fiercely loyal and compassionate person. She will be the first to speak up or defend others, and never hesitates to do what she thinks is the morally "right" thing to do. Though Tiamat can be humorless when conflicts are ongoing, she is unshakable when plans go awry and rarely looses her cool under pressure. She can have a sharp tongue when it comes to problems and rarely will she withhold an opinion in such situations, however her preference is to act before speaking.

Tiamat's most defining quality is her ability to accomplish any and more often than not lofty goals. She inherited her grandmother's industrious nature and few will ever find her idle. She lives a highly regimented lifestyle and can sometimes be uncompromising with others because of it. She seems to suffer no foolishness or meekness, and she expects others to be forthright with her as she is with them. It can be difficult to get Tiamat to change her mind once it's been made.

In times of peace, she is more willing to lighten up and engage in less serious activities such as swimming, poetry, and reading the stars.
Mother: Semini Amaranthe
Father: Nikita Volkov
Siblings: Lotan
Half Siblings: Calrian, Malik, Serafina, Siolene, Morholt

Mate: Griffin Winsor
Children: Rosemary, Landon, and Owen
Tiamat is the daughter of Semini Amaranthe and Nikita Volkov and was raised along with her brother Lotan in Krokar until they were a year old. After discovering her mother's affair with Lokr Revlis, she left home in pursuit of her absent father. She was accompanied by her mentor, the mysterious Laevisa Arena and her supposedly immortal companion, Mafdet.

It was on her voyage across the Atlantic that she first encountered Griffin Winsor and his nefarious father Declan, the captain of the ship. She assisted Griffin in organizing a mutiny, and was then betrayed herself by the new captain. Upon landfall, Tiamat fled into the deserts of Bedaya at the urging of her mentor, who had once made a home of the tribes (unbeknownst to Tiamat, however, Laevisa had been exiled).

She was quickly embroiled in the Arena-Bedaya war, joining the side of the tribes of Bedaya. Together with Rahab de le Poer, Naji of the Shams Tribe and Tsolin Himaa, Tiamat helped turn the tides in favor of the Bedayans. Ultimately it was the arrival of her brother Lotan and his mentor, Pazuzu Lykoi that pushed them to victory.

They traced the origins of the conflict back to Onuba and infiltrated the city with the intent to bring the Arena family to justice. It was here that their ragtag group of mercenaries expanded, enlisting the help of Mateo Salcedo and Griffin. Their coup was successful and the Arena family fell, launching Onuba into a period of discord and peace thereafter. Tiamat and company did not stay to see the aftermath. They made a quick getaway on the ship of Rahab's mothers, Mara Savoy and Agrippa de le Poer.

Tiamat returned to Nova Scotia in late 2018 with the intention of righting wrongs and settling old debts. She discovered that Krokar had mysteriously fallen and with her mother nowhere to be found, she returned to Portland. She then accompanied a trading envoy consisting of Rahab, Lotan, Pazuzu, Jethro Lykoi, and Rahab's uncle Marlowe de le Poer to Erie. This mission concluded with disastrous consequences. Despite this, they were able to escape and make their way back to Portland.

While settled in the outskirts of the trading port, Tiamat began investigating crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice. She became mates with Griffin Winsor and they had three children together: Owen, Mosie, and Landon. In the early months of 2021, Tiamat returned to Nova Scotia alone.
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