Teagan Stryder

New Caledonia
This is my Oath
You shoot me down
but I won't fall
I am titanium
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Wolfdog (81% wolf, 19% dog)
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10th August 2015
While Teagan's physique is more inclined to be wolf-like, the dog blood of her lineage appears clearly enough to make it obvious that she is a mixed hybrid of the two. Her tri-colored coat and her mismatched ears are dead giveaways, as is the slightly longer fur seen around her neck and tail (which are more noticeable while in Lupus or Secui [1]). The wolf in her makes Teagan stand on the larger side, and she has a natural, solid build to her. She has always been able to gain muscle easily, and, while she is by no means bulky, she is notably toned, which certainly helps in giving her the look of a woman-knight. Her powerful build, combined with her usual scowl and frosty stare, often makes Teagan a rather intimidating individual. She carries herself with a confident pride, and has an obviously soldier-like discipline to her posture and gait.

Of the three forms, Teagan typically stays in Optime, though, she is no stranger to Lupus for patrols or hunts. Secui is one of her rarer forms, as she usually gets what she needs from the other two. When in Optime, Teagan is usually found sporting her leather armor, and very rarely is she without her sword. Though her hair is pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of her way, she still has bangs that frame her face.

As a fighter, Teagan has multiple scars scored across her body. She has four marks left on her upper left arm from a Loner. Four claw-like scars left from a Loner (M) scrawl across her chest, moving down diagonally from right to left. She obtained an additional set of four scars from being accidentally attacked (M) by a packmate. There is a nick on her right shoulder left from a Syndicate fighter (M). Teagan has other scars, however, most are minor, or, are not visible because of her fur.

  • Lupus: 34 in (84 cm) ↔ 95 lbs (45 kg)
  • Secui: 46 in (117 cm) ↔ 160 lbs (73 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 9 in (81 inc / 206 cm) ↔ 190 lbs (86 kg) (Preferred)
She is not the most friendly or social of individuals, and often prefers to keep to herself. Because of this lack of outward friendliness, she might be regarded as cold or unsocial. Teagan’s not much for casual conversation unless the mood suits her—or if forced to by the situation—and, so, words that fall from her tongue are often spoken in a tone that is abrasive, brash, blunt, or confident. Teagan is very prideful, a trait that is often her downfall, as she is not one to easily admit she’s wrong or change her mind when it’s made up. She is a creature that is very confident in herself and her actions (not to point of arrogance though), and is often noted for her bravery. She is a go-getter and someone to be proactive about things rather than let something just fall into her lap.

Overall, she is a tomboy that is not afraid to get her paws dirty. She loves a good fight or spar, and will bear her teeth at girly or “soft” things. She doesn’t like to appear weak, and will often cover these feelings or signs with aggression, faux confidence, or indifference/ignoring or avoiding the subject matter. As a result, she is not very touchy-feely or a woman in-tune with her more emotional side. She may become overwhelmed if smothered with those that are the opposite of this, and may—unintentionally—snap or become aggressive in an attempt to maintain her “personal bubble.” Teagan is, however, compassionate with things she cares for. She is the type to find other ways to show her affection without being outright with it though. As well, Teagan is highly protective of those she deems a friend or ally, and will go out of her way to make sure that they are happy—at any cost.

In spite of this, she has high morals, which often keeps her from doing anything too dark. As such, Teagan is someone who thrives on justice, and may be hard-pressed to let something just slide by unpunished. Teagan is not a Luperci known for her tack either. She is blunt and judgmental of others, and is typically not one to honey her words. She believes in a tough skin, as it is the precedence she puts for herself.
Status: Deceased

Teagan is the daughter of Lyris Stryder and Luca Knight, and littermate to Indi Knight. She was born and raised in Casa di Cavalieri, where she was mentored by Sylvie Agnès up until she passed her First Blood ceremony in August 2016. In her career as a Cavalier, she only ever took on one apprentice, Minerva Griffith, in late-2017, though, she helped train many as she rose through the ranks. Teagan resided in her birthpack for a total of four years, and went as far as obtaining the Council rank of Warlord for her many feats and endeavors. She held the co-rank of Falconer, and was an Ambassador for Krokar, and, later, Salsola. As a Brotherhood member, she was the Master of Bladed Weapons.

In late November of 2019, Teagan abruptly left her birthpack, feeling “no longer necessary,” as well as knowing there might be unrest within the pack for not being chosen as the next Sola (a position that she had turned down). She and her immediate family departed to the fledgling pack, New Caledonia, where she reluctantly pledged her allegiance to Lord Regent Athras Eryn through a blood bond. As a Caledonian, she quickly found her place again as a fighter and protector of the new kingdom, becoming a member of the City Watch, as well as the pack’s first official Falconer. She became one of the founding members of the Wraith's Teeth Guild.

She is mated to Makoto "Mako" Ridley, who pursued her for many years before they had their first litter together. She is the mother of Genkei and Naomi Stryder.

(For further details, see her Wiki page)

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