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Greed is composed of earthy tones with the typical Lykoi splash of reddish brown on his muzzle. His eyes are warm amber color with flecks of lighter gold mixed within. He's 6'8" with long limbs and fine muscular definition.

On most any day he wears a charming smile. Greed puts thought into his clothing and is nearly always handsomely dressed. He has a large wardrobe but is almost always seen wearing some version of harem pants for optimal comfort and style. He always carries his Wakizashi with him, unless stated otherwise. Greed always keeps his hair well maintained. He has dark brown, wavy locks that end just before his shoulders. The top layer of his hair is pulled back into a braid, aside from a few strands that frame his face. A leather hair piece holds his braid in place that has a couple colored stones for decoration.

Greed has gained several scars over the years and his chest is particularly covered in them, most of them are from battle. He has a couple scars across his left forearm and over Greed's left eye are two scars, one cutting right across his eye and the other just to the left of it. On the left side of his chest, he has a painted tattoo of the chaos star. Lately, he has let it begin to fade along with his connection to his siblings.

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Greed is a complex soul. Only those closest to him can see past the smile he wears so perfectly. Compared to his siblings he has a heart of gold that only in times of darkness and chaos can be corrupted. Greed tries his best to be a rock for his siblings, someone they can always count on and go to in times of trouble. But, even the strongest rocks crumble under immense pressure. When things go awry, Greed as a tendency to be incredibly selfish. He's not usually aware of this fact and will still try and play it off with a smile, which as time passes, is becoming less effective.

Greed is confident, proud, and humorous. He has a way with words and can effectively smooth talk others into doing what he wants. He can be manipulative at times, but spares those close to him from that trait. While skilled in battle, Greed tries his best to avoid taking the lives of others which sets him even further aside from both his siblings. He is a perfect balance between good and evil on a good day, and a force to be reckon with on a bad one.

Over the years, Greed has become a little looser with his moral code. He still puts effort into maintaining balance, but allows the scales tip when the reward is well worth the sacrifice.

Key Traits:

Intelligent ~ Optimistic ~ Humorous ~ Athletic ~ Compassionate ~ Charming ~ Confident ~ Dutiful ~ Aesthetic ~ Genuine ~ Romantic ~ Sociable ~ Studious ~ Witty

Negative Traits:

~ Conceited ~ Greedy ~ Meddlesome ~ Obnoxious ~ Regretful ~ Selfish ~ Thievish
Kentaro Lykoi - Father
Amorette Aston - Mother
Sister - Lust Lykoi
Brother - Wrath Lykoi
Nox, Nemesis, and Nike Lykoi
Horus Lykoi
River Grimm - Adoptive Daughter
Elora Lykoi
Usaria Lykoi
Vastus Lykoi
cNPC - Usaria Lykoi
Born to Amorette Aston and Kentaro Lykoi of Anathema. He grew up in his pack next to his siblings and mother. While his father was around, Greed never grew much an attachment towards him.

Growing up, the sin of Greed was a troubled soul. In his younger years, he struggled with his selfish tendencies and would seek to gain what he desired, so long as the way he obtained it was not immoral. He spent his youth striving to be a good example for his siblings Wrath and Lust, who both teetered towards the extremes of either good or evil. Greed realized how strong his moral code was when he was faced with the decision to take another's life, which he was unable to do resulting in his brother having to save him.

Even with a new moral code, Greed continued to struggle finding himself. After years of being the rock for his siblings, his disguise began to crumble. Slowly, he was thrown into into chaos and spent some time finding his way back to the light. Once he was back on the proper path, Greed began working towards his goals within the pack. He trained hard and studied even harder, having always been somewhat of a bookworm. He became a proficient swordsman and skilled wordsmith.

For a while, Greed lived a good life in Anathema. He fell in love with Lust and they had a daughter together, Elora, who unfortunately passed away at only a few months of age. Having something so special fade away in an instant, made Greed strive even harder for the things he wanted and his priorities changed. He took on a fatherly image to an adoptive daughter, River, who was just as troubled as he'd been in his youth. Unfortunately, before he was able to steer her to her proper path, the pack was thrown into a war by Kentaro which lead to its dissolution.

Greed spent some time as a loner, attempting to build a loner band that was keen on justice by any means necessary. Unfortunately, it lacked the charisma to keep going and ended up disbanding.

Greed decided to go to Salsola to pursue another love interest, Lithia in hopes of building a strong blood line and presence in the pack. Greed and Lust argued, and parted way before he took off to his new pack and Wrath disappeared some time before that. Greed spend around a year in Salsola before he decided to leave to search for his siblings in an attempt to restore some balance to his life. Salsola only intensified his chaotic tendencies and he realized he had gone astray from his own truth. In his search, he ended up near Portland where he spent some time discovering some surprises from his past. Realizing his new purpose, he headed back to 'Souls to begin mending himself and to hopefully find some peace.
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