Curzon Mayfair

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Viking Sophie
Other Characters:
50% Eastern Timber Wolf; 50% mixed breed dog (Bernese Mountain Dog, Leonberger, other large breeds)
Date of Birth:
21st May 2012
Luperci Ortus
Standing at seven feet, four inches tall and weighing 320 pounds in Optime form, Curzon's mountain dog roots are very apparent in his size. He is heavy-built and muscular, but not a warrior type; his build has more to do with genetics than with his lifestyle. His coat color - blended black and tan fur with a white underbelly - is similar to that of a Bernese Mountain Dog as well. His muzzle is more pointed like a wolf's, and his ears are partially floppy. In Optime form, the fur on the back of his head grows longer and wavier; he keeps it neatly combed back out of his eyes, which are large, round, and a caramel brown color. He speaks in a low growl with a bit of a twang - something he adopted while traveling through the countryside. When he sings - which he does fairly often - his voice is considerably higher and smoother.

Typically Curzon wears a white button-up shirt (which he only bothers buttoning halfway up) and dark brown corduroy pants with a black leather belt. In colder weather, he'll sometimes wear a black pea coat for further warmth. He carries a leather messenger bag at all times; in it he keeps writing materials, various types of herbs (medicinal and recreational), matches, a pipe, a harmonica, a comb, a knife, a bottle of liquor, and an assortment of novelty sunglasses that he's collected during his travels.
Curzon has always been something of a drifter type, but despite being introverted he has never been unfriendly. Although he can initially come off as withdrawn or uninterested, he's often too stuck in his own head to realize how aloof he appears to others. When in a more upbeat mood, Curzon can be very gregarious and is up for having a good time with anyone who will have a drink or a joint with him. He'll go on and on about his love for music if you get him onto the subject, and will even demonstrate his harmonica-playing skills quite easily. When he has nothing else to fall back on, however, he'll often slip into a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, one that can be very off-putting for those who don't catch it at first. But over time he's become more aware of this, and now he tries to reserve it for those he thinks share a same sort of bitterness.

Curzon values creativity and intellect above anything else, and he goes out of his way to surround himself with those he believes to be smarter and more talented than he is. One downside to this, however, is that he gets easily envious of their talents, which can cloud his desire to learn from them. In spite of this, he remains fiercely loyal to his closest friends, daring to put his sarcastic outer armor aside and speak truthfully and honestly to them.
Born to a lone wolf mother and a feral dog father, Curzon grew up in the ruins of New York City, together with his parents and several siblings and half-siblings. His father was descended from a line of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs who were top competitors in the sports of weight pulling and carting; Curzon inherited their size, strength, and stamina. From his mother’s side, he inherited her Luperci ability. She taught him how to read and write, as well as the medicinal uses for various herbs and how to carve different tools out of bone. As he grew older, and read more books on different parts of the world, he grew tired and bored of his surroundings and eventually decided to travel northwards, in search of a new home and a new pack.

Along the way, he heard stories from other travelers and became enamored with the music of human folk singers of decades past. He acquired a harmonica from a coyote trader, which quickly became a source of entertainment for him as he experimented with the different sounds it made. He then learned of several packs that resided in Nova Scotia, and set out to try and see if he could join one of them.
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