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Deuce stands about three foot tall, with a pristine white coat. She has no unusual markings, except her eyes. Her left eye is a golden color, her right eye is an unusual shade of blue usually named as cerulean. She is extremely lithe and graceful. She has two thin bands of black on either "wrist" where her scars were healed. In a fight with Ahren, she lost the tip of her left ear, and gained a scar across her right eye. In a later fight, she earned a scar across her other eye, and several over her arms.

In her shifted form she has a long white blonde mane and stands about six foot tall. Her mane is beginning to be shot through with strands of silver. She used to wear hoops in her ears, but removed them.
Deuce is older now, more mellow. She is less prone to anger, and is more accepting of hybrids. She still has a strong distaste of pure coyotes, but she doesn't loathe them as she used to. She long ago gave up drinking, and doesn't regret it. She wants to make peace with her family. Deuce is a strong-willed woman, and enjoys sharing stories about her life. She is proud of her sons and grandchildren. She is bitter about Soran's abandonment, and accepting of her new role in life as a slave.
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