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Wolf Hybrid (60% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 40% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf)
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20th June 2010
Luperci Ortus
General: Calla is a dark charcoal black with white socks on all four paws, And also a large white patch on her muzzle, She is 2 years old (in luperci years, in human shes 25!)

Lupus form: Lupus-85cm tall approximately 3ft tall.

Halfling form: 3 1/2 feet tall. Calla is a very dainty. Not very muscular in any of her forms,

Optime: 6 1/2 feet tall her mane is styled as if it was hair, combed out and velvety it is as well taken care of as her beautiful fur.
Calla is a very shy Luperci, She knew what happened to her mother and she is fairly afraid of what happened to her mother will happen to her. She doesn't trust anyone very easily but she tries to give a one a chance before she writes them off. She wants a family but shes afraid that something bad might happen. She is a very loving wolf and can forgive but it depends on the wolf. Calla wants to have a family and she wants to make her mother (whom ever it may be) proud of what shes doing and the decisions she makes. Calla is dreadfully terrified of horses due to an accident where she was violently thrown from her horse about a year before she came to this wonderful land. She loves everyone and hopes to make everyone happy no matter the cost, She greatly wants a family but she is dreadfully worried that no one would want her due to her being so cautious around others. She had spend her whole life alone for the most part except for the few traveling wolves she had met on her journeys.
Thorn Hazeheart - Mate
Calla was orphaned as a new born pup, Her mother was killed by a brute who wanted to kill her brothers and sisters just so he could mate with her mother. Her mother gave her life to protect her family. Her body still provided milk only long enough for the children to go their seperate ways and try to find shelter and a new family of their own. She had wandered for quite some time before she wandered into the area that is home to many packs. A fully grown Luperci she hoped to find a pack that would take her in. Calla had always been very kind and caring twards anyone who came across her past, But in the year before she came to know this place as home she had wandered the large continent of Canada in search of wolves willing to take her in.

Calla is a very shy and loving, She has so much love to give but she is afraid that no one will ever be willing to take her love and be her mate.

Calla is currently confused about her sexuality, having never even been kissed she isn't to sure about anything in her life
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