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Having the majority of ones gene pool made up from the Arctic Wolf from his mothers side, Bran was never going to be the largest of wolves. Standing at roughly 6'11'', Bran could be classified as average in height, while priding himself on being taller than his older brother Niernan. The two brothers share the same physique- neither of them being exceptionally tall or massively muscled. Bran also prides himself on having more muscle mass than his brother, although his was earned through grueling hours working with his Uncle Emeris to become a traditional Irish bare-knuckle fighter. Never to be described as bulky, Bran's strength comes from compact wiry muscles all over his body. Coupled with an unnatural amount of energy and the male is usually constantly on the move. Although the majority of his muscles are hidden behind relatively fluffy fur, the muscles on his back, calves and around his thighs have a tendency to stand out more than the rest.

Bran appears to be a mixture of his brothers dark tones and his sisters much lighter honey tones. The man's base colour is a thick and creamy caramel gold that covers almost every inch of his body. The young man takes his white accents from his mother, where they lighten his fur. A half mask that lightens around his eyes and half of his cheeks before completely bleaching his muzzle, throat and chest. Unlike most mask-bib combinations, the white does not continue between his forelegs and onto his stomach. It stops on his chest to give him a classic bib marking. The only other point of white on his fur comes from underneath his tail, where it lightens the caramel appendage although does not extend far enough to tip his tail. Bran's darker colours, coming from his father, are the clearly distinguished. His front paws are bathed in the dark chocolate stockings that do not quite reach his elbow, but its not far off. His back paws are similarly stained with dark chocolate, although they represent socks instead of the large stockings on his front paws. Dark chocolate stains his back in a distinctive saddle marking as well as the entirety of his ears, although the inside of his ears is a much lighter cream colour. Bran's eyes are conclusive with his tan and chocolate colouration- they take after his mother who possessed dark chocolate eyes.

Bran prefers his Optime form over the other two and has no problem with nakedness. He is frequently seen with no clothes on when in his bi-pedal form. Niernan usually rolls his eyes and accepts his brother's strange wish to be naked, although he does often try to cover his brother up when it gets too revealing. His accent remains stronger than his brothers due to the time he spent with his Uncle training and the lilt of the Irish is particularly strong in the man.
Bran is in both ways complex and very simple to understand at the same time. His upbringing was stable, although he and his brother regularly got in trouble and therefore it was something of a game to him. This is Bran's general view of life- it is a game to be played and those who play it well benefit. He is a playful and happy character, rarely seen without his crooked grin. In a similar way, he tries to remain oblivious to the stresses in life, although there is one plain reason that he would avoid these things. Bran suffers from Synaethesia, a disorder of the brain where his senses are muddled. He can taste voices, other sounds appear as colours and shapes across his eyes and emotions sometimes are represented as colour. Bran takes his disorder in his stride and often enjoys the colourful displays that are given to him. Although he will always crave a reprieve and has a healthy respect (and appetite) for alcohol. While happy most of the time, Bran can be found with a scowl on his face when his senses are overloaded, landing him with massive headaches and usually the inability to move. His brother is the only one who knows of his colours and tastes.

Bran has a good relationship with his brother Niernan, although not so much with his sister Elessari. There is a certain brotherly love between him and Niernan, which the two of them feel the need to reinforce often. Along with rouse housing, affectionate physical abuse and pranking each other often, Bran and Niernan have a very close bond that will never fade. Among other talents, Bran is a good singer as well as being a skilled Guitar and Flute player. Unfortunately, most of his skills and outlooks on life come from his Uncle Emeris (whom Bran and Niernan talk about often and are fond of) for leading them astray when they were younger. Unlike his older brother, Bran is not shy or nervous about anything and has a healthy interest in the opposite sex. Flirtatious and usually with a sexy swagger, Bran doesn't have a lot of trouble attaining someone to have sex with. Despite this, he isn't classed as a womaniser although he rarely stays with them for more than a month.
Family: Stormbringer

Father: Brandr Stormbringer
Mother: Aracelle Akara
Siblings: Niernan Stormbringer, Elessari Stormbringer

Bran is of mixed heritage. His father, Brandr Stormbringer was born and raised in the Stormbringer valley, while his mother, Aracelle, was born and raised in Ireland with her brother Emeris.

Aracelle and Emeris travelled across from Ireland to mainland America looking for adventure and a new life. Here they found the Stormbringers and their new home. Aracelle and Brandr very quickly fell in love and their pups came along soon after.

Bran is one of three pups born to the couple; he is the middle sibling, preceded by his brother Niernan and followed by his sister Elessari. The pups were loved and highly valued among the Stormbringer pack. As they grew their personalities became more and more prominent and it was evident that Elessari was a good little girl while the boys were little terrors. The pack was still incredibly fond of the pups but they showed their exasperation with the constant pranks and mischief that emanated from the male pups.

Life in the Stormbringer valley was un-eventful for the boys and it didn't take long for Bran and Niernan to realise that they wanted to get away from pack life. They decided that they would travel and once they reached an age where they could leave the pack they did so. Leaving his homeland was hard for Bran, but he always knew that he could come back if life really got to him, not to mention that he still had his brother who also just happened to be his best friend.

After leaving the pack the pair made a beeline for Nova Scotia, having heard that it was the place to go for Canids. The boys wandered aimlessly for almost a year, hunting for themselves, playing pranks on each other and developing their personalities more. Niernan became much more pensive, appreciating nature and finding a love of animals, while Bran revelled in the freedom the lack of pack afforded him. His relaxed and easy manner kept the duo going during some of the harder times when food wasn’t that easy to get a hold of.

Niernan’s love of animals resulted in him picking up a pet cat. The six month old kitten was a Maine Coon X Norwegian Forest Cat that he named Ciaran. The addition of the cat to the travelling party upset Bran and caused a small bone of contention between the brothers.
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