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21st July 2013
Luperci Ortus
Always within the Secui form, he stands shoulder-height at an unusual 51 inches tall. The male possess a rather noteworthy form from appearing as though he is stretched outwards; starting with the elongated muzzle bridling with sharp fangs, to the long-torso and stomach to the exceptional lengthy tail. The huge beast has a powerful, broad-shouldered form with deep ribs and lesser stomach, giving the impression of being both thickly-built and agile.

He has a short and thin pelt, lengthening more into a spikey mane of sorts around the head, neck and shoulders as well as down his spine, laying over his sides and petering out over the tail, with a layer of longer fur over his deep chest. For pelt-colours, Rielach has a main 'Liver'-grey pelt tinted with dull, de-saturated light-'Blue', Counter-Shaded by the darkness pooling at the head, continuing along his spine and over the long tail, becoming lighter underneath. This is mottled by a kind of 'Bluetick' pattern, where the darkness trails down his flanks in ripples and random dashes, however around around his eyes and upper muzzle is many shades lighter, giving a faintly skull-like shape.

His head is disproportionately smaller compared to the awfully large body, giving him a suggestively feline ratio of head to body size. Unusually large eyes are bi-coloured with bright blue and a small amount of green fill deep-set eyes-sockets, always watchful and filled with a strange mixture of puppy-like curiosity and truly feral, cunning intelligence. Below sharp cheek-bones lay curved fangs jutting out of his lengthy muzzle, his tongue sometimes slithering out rather further than expected.

His limbs are knobbly and well re-enforced, thick-set and ending in powerful paws with terrible, rending claws, well-used to a life of wandering along the coastlines and barely used paths in life, as well as to scrabbling through soft obstructions or pushing past more solid barriers.

Sometimes, the remains of old blue-flowered plants can be seen hanging from his mane, the odd white-eyed petal sticking out.

He does have scars and marks over his frame, only some have any visual prominence; a missing line of the right ear, a few over his muzzle, neck and chest, as well as lesser ones over the powerful limbs.
The beast is a lonely figure that does as it pleases, whenever and wherever, his primary interest seems to be that of a curious creature loping to and fro, content with the humble existence of a backwater mutant watching the world go by.

Lacking both master and foes, he seeks neither conflict nor does he back down from defending himself, eating anything and everything that he kills, be it small or large prey from rabbits to a younger bear, even consuming the flesh of wolves, regardless of their form. Despite possessing a broad diet from anything living he hunts or various plants, roots and fruits, he does have a strong respect for life, verging on the near-spiritual.

Occasionally at times he does feel the strong urge to try some form of socialising, loneliness apparent, as is general incompetence at mimicking the more 'normal' Luperci - resulting in rather unpredictable situations where he either manages a facsimile of a civil if stilted conversation, or spooks one or more wolves away, actively stalks or, at worse, chases a wanderer for amusement. He is capable of speaking somewhat eloquently, having listened to others as they speak, and practices by himself, to himself. Despite being an aloof adult, he can often have bouts of childishness, almost at random for good and for ill.

Despite his wander-lust, he does have a realistic (if slightly inconsistent) understanding of territories. Generally speaking, if he detects the scent markers of packs, especially those from particularly major groups, he rarely, if ever chooses to intrude, paranoid of the real or imagined forces within, content to turn around than to continue approaching. However, he has the almost contradictory habit of skirting close to these borders, perhaps wanting to see others from a distance, preferably with something between himself and other wolves, thus giving himself visual cover and to the others. such uncommon sightings to wanderers or patrolling Luperci of a huge, strange beast.

Rielach is seemingly incapable of changing from his Secui form to the natural or the Optine; being born a feral in the wilds and lacking any inclination to do so. The notion of transforming himself in any manner seems a faraway and virtually incomprehensible one.
Mother and Father: I miss you, but you must have a reason... yes?
Born as the runt to a litter in 2012, he and his litter-mates were both aberrations and hybrids to a mated pair of distinctly different breeds, leading to odd looking but nonetheless loved (or at the least, not-abandoned) pups, strong as they can be and would be raised in the rickety remains of a old, over-grown farmhouse.

Alas, one by one as the litter grew older, their deformities became more pronounced, their strength meaning less and less, until one pup after another suffered and died, only the smaller runt surviving, and even then he was difficult to handle at times. Physically, he would linger and hide, or be energetic and run away, needing to be dragged back when he felt better. For the creature's mind however, vacancy was the norm as he dealt with the lack of siblings he was close to by seeking out company of the wild, learning from their habits.

Rielach was given stories about the world in his burgeoning youth to keep his subdued spirits up, stories of things in the past, about great 'cities' consumed by mother nature herself, his curiosity about the wider world awakening him, bringing him a little more life. Often his father would lead him on longer and longer travels, showing him the world, though oddly straying from packs and the remains of the cities. His mother, blessing her heart, appeared to love him but seemed distant, tense, instinctively caring for and showing him what to look or when hunting and foraging.

Upon reaching adulthood, he noticed a distinct change in personality in the parents, and one apparently uneventful day his father sent him away on a simple task; to look for a 'wide blooming plant, bountiful blues all around and a blind, white eye in the middle, atop a swaying stalk'. Though curious as to why, he nonetheless followed his knowledgeable father's command to the letter, loyally looking high and low in the surroundings, his search becoming broader and broader, even as days began to pass in leisure.

Eventually he did find find a plant much like it - a blue-flowered plant with some white in the middle - and made his way home, only to find strangers investigating the broken farm-house, a mixture of 'feral' and 'humanoids' soon leaving the completely vacated 'den'. Waiting for a time after they had left, Rielach looked for his parents or anything that could suggest where they could have gone, every nook, every cranny.


Suffice to say, he wandered blindly, at a loss as to where they could have gone, the idea of being abandoned leaving him at first confused and scared, and later as he wandered by himself, conflicted and bitter.

Eventually, understanding and acceptance took hold in one fashion or another, perhaps they had tried to protect him from those odd strangers? Or perhaps they simply raised him to the point of self-sufficiency, and left him to mature alone, as he was supposed to?

Either way, the few years spent living as a beast among civilized lands have carved into both the body and the mind an aloof awareness of the surroundings bordering upon paranoia. Occasionally he does still find and carry bits of flower in the length of his mane, a strange, wistful desire to find his absent family still there, but buried deep underground; if he happens to see them, it would be nice, but he wanders for the sake of wandering now like a lost soul.
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