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north eastern Coyote (50%), border collie(25%), timber wolf hybrid(25%)
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4th April 2015
Luperci Verto
Virue is of smaller physical stature, resembling a smaller-than-average coyote in size (21 inches in height, 34 pounds in weight). His coat is a mid-tone tan colour, highlighted with light browns, with some spots of dark brown around his left eye, right shoulder and other more minor markings of the same nature around his body. His chest boasts a white fur, which is also present at the tip of his bushy, collie-esque tail and snout. A sleek, smart white stripe rolls down his forehead, connecting with his white snout and white mane and highlighting the fluff on his cheeks. Other prominent border collie features include speckles of brown fur on his snout and his intelligent blue eyes, which resemble a calm, pristine body of water. Virue's ears are still very much like a coyotes; being longer than a wolf's, while still holding a more "tame" doggish appearance in comparison to other coyotes with a more steady ancestry. These ears are also dappled with darker browns and lighter tans. His feet have white "socks" which ride up the backs of his legs towards his belly, mingling with the darker browns which seem to be "spattered " on, like dirt, yet in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Virue can be described as small sleek and fast, though prominent amounts of leg muscle can be seen.

- Walks with a limp (back left leg)
Primary Motivator: Fulfillment

Impulsiveness: Controlled

Emotional Disposition: Curious

Boldness: Cautious

Moodiness: Even-tempered

Agreeableness: Agreeable

Outlook: Optimistic

Interactivity: Outgoing

Integrity: Conscientious

Conformity: Heterodox

Alignment: Neutral Good

Virue is an observer. When he's not talking, he's most definitely listening. He finds the world exciting, and as such, is very enthusiastic, and even lends his optimistic outlook to those who see things in a darker light. Virue also tends to act childish, which serves as a coincidental shroud, hiding his intelligence. Despite his optimism, he is very critical about how little trust there truly is between packs, and wishes there could be peace. Virue often looks for the peaceful road, rejecting violence as a valid option.

Virue often finds himself questioning his purpose, and dreams of ultimate fulfillment often guide him. When interacting with others, kindness is his main goal, showing empathy towards other people's thoughts and feelings, sometimes shunning his own opinion in the process. Virue takes time to warm up to most people, but afterwards, he is more free with interaction with those he likes and trusts. Virue will go as far as protecting such people with his life, being a naturally protective individual.

Overall, Virue is a hard-worker, and looks to overachieve on a regular basis. Despite this, he is extremely scatterbrained. He looks at the world with detailed inspection, and often thinks abstractly and freely through what could be described as his own personal kaleidoscope. He possesses a vast imagination, characterized by wild and spurious thoughts. Virue is a creature of many habits, which include: odd quirks like nervous movement of the ears or subliminally induced stretching, staring at scenery, memorizing irrelevant things and performing lengthy amounts of sprinting for pleasure. He also sleeps minimally, being unable to stop thinking enough to get sleep.

Virue has many flaws. Sadly, Virue looks down upon himself. This is due to the verbal, and occasionally physical abuse he received from his father, along with his stature. Virue is extremely self-conscious, and will withdraw quite easily. He struggles with his self awareness and appearance around others, often feeling inadequate and undeserving of companionship. All of this combined, has lead to minor bouts of anxiety. Virue also has a chronic disorder, officially referred to as congenital anosmia, which denies him any sense of smell. This limits his hunting and tracking abilities to sight and sound. Consequently, he has exceptional vision and above average auditory senses.

As a free-thinking individual, Virue believes religion is less important than the people themselves. He notices miraculous, unexplained things that occur, and simply wonders if there is a divine force. Though he never pushes himself to devotion. In his opinion, death is perpetual, believing life is a one-time event; all life is precious.
Walker is Virue's biological father, a pure-bred coyote and descendant of proud hunters. Walker was always disappointed in his son's lack of hunting ability. Sarris is his biological mother. She often coddled her son and never tried to force any beliefs on him; contrary to Walker's hateful attitude towards outsiders, especially wolves. Sarris is descended from an odd courtship. This was between her father, who was a pure-bred Canadian border collie, and her wolf mother. Her father came from from a long line of athletic dogs who competed in human-run competitions, and the mother was a solitary, yet adventurous eastern timber wolf who settled in Mer Bleue after a brief period of exploration.
Virue was born in Mer Bleue in the dug-out hole of a maple tree stump. His parents were undecided when it came to naming him. In Vir's waking days, a scholarly travelling luperci had an encounter with his small family. This visit was unexpected; the luperci had come in to escape the rain. This wolf was unwelcome in the hollow tree due to the Walker's prejudiced beliefs. Going against Walker's wishes, his mother allowed the traveler refuge. That night a piece of literature the luperci had once read was recited and just as the sun rose, the newborn's name was decided; named after a heroic knight who was not known for his strength, but for his purest of heart and virtue.

In his adolescence, Vir struggled with the simplest of natural tasks, such as hunting or tracking. Later on, he developed a keen eye for the smallest of details. Sadly, he also became distant from anyone his own age, exhibiting extreme gaucherie. Virue found out at a very young age that he wasn't normal. Virue was always thinking about the craziest things, his imagination tricking him into believing monsters and other aberrations resided near his den. His father discovered his inability to smell with awful consequence. For the next few months, Virue was constantly verbally abused by his father, Walker. When Virue was eight months old, he became obsessed with the idea of life-long fulfillment and ran away from his childhood home in Mer Bleue to escape entrapment. Virue managed to survive on his own by hiding from larger predators and fishing in his lonely travels as a pup. After an eye-opening encounter with death during the intense shaking of the Maritimes, (read: ) he decided to find a place to call home, and a group to call family. He then joined the coyote pack Inferni.
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