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17th December 2012
Luperci Ortus
Walker is a handsome devil, a feature he has used in the past to charm both male and female alike. He stands at a few inches over six foot in optim, the form he is most often seen in. The majority of his fur is a light desert sand, fading to white under his muzzle and extending down most of his undercarriage. He has a splotch of blue on the left side of his muzzle, which extends halfway down, before stopping, curving and finishing at the start of his lip. The same blue is present in a patch around his left eye. It is his eyes that are one of the most striking features he has, a striking steely blue, and perhaps the only things his dad gave him.
Walker always wears a rumpled and loose-fitting shirt, the colour of undyed linen. Walker’s shorts are a faded denim, and while he probably doesn’t need to wear clothes, they’re a very good source of pockets. He also wears cloth wrappings around the heel of his feet. His one nod to jewellery is a silver cross, hanging from a soft leather thong which he has around his neck at all times, and has become more of a good luck charm than any religious talisman.
Walker has a big personality, oozes charm and an easy, laidback attitude. He’s often good at judging the mood of a room, if not always that great at leaving well alone. He’s a born gambler, always pushing his luck just to see what’ll happen. He’s willing to risk a great deal on one more roll of the dice, and if he can load those dice, all the better. Walker has been described as a chancer, a confidence trickster and a thief, but really he’s a little bit of all three. He finds it easy to build a rapport with people, enjoying their company and gaining their trust, and eventually, taking what he wants.
Of course, like with so many luperci, the demeanour is just a mask. Walker seldom gives away what he really thinks, nor does he often stay in one place long enough to get asked. He’s never been part of a pack and his trust is hard to earn, not that anyone’s tried in the past really. He is out for himself, taking care of number one, and while his selfishness isn’t always conscious, it has made for an awkward situation.
The one place he often lets down his guard is around horses. They have a calming influence on him, and they seem to like him to. He often can be found looking after them, often enjoying the fact they seek nothing from him except attention, food and the occasional pat.
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