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In Lupus form Hunter is pretty big for a Great Plains wolf. She is 6.5 ft (198 cm) long from tail tip to nose, and 100 cm high at her shoulders. She weighs in at 100 lbs. (45 kg.) Her main coat is black and white. The tips of her ears and her paws are light gray. The underside of her muzzle is white. That white follows all the way down her chest to her underbelly and under side of her tail. The color runs halfway down the inside of her legs. The rest of her is black. She has purple streaks through her mane, which is dyed of course. You cannot tell the color is there in this form. She has emerald green and dark blue eyes in this form. She is not thick and muscular but she is not lean and thin. She is right inbetween the two. The scar that runs down her right arm is seen very much in this form. Hunter prefers her Optime form because of the fact that her scar can be since in this form. It is a dark gray color.

In Secui form Hunter is 47 inches (120 cm) tall at her shoulders. She weighs in at 200 lbs. (91 kg). She still has the same looks. Her eyes are dark blue and green in this form. You can tell the color is in her mane in this form. Her scar stands out only a little bit in this form.

In Optime form, her preferred form, she stands 7 ft. tall (213 cm). She weighs 220 (100 kg). In this form, you can see the scar that runs down her right arm. It is faint and only stands out in the right light. She keeps her mane short. You can definitely tell the color is in her mane. She has a dark blue eye and an emerald eye. She is slightly curvy and looks very pretty for a wolf of her height. She moves with extreme grace despite her height disadvantage.
Hunter has low self esteem except when she is flirting.She is very shy until she gets to know a wolf. She has confidence in herself only when she hears it from someone she doesn't trust. She believes wolves she trusts will only lie to her.

When she gets to know a wolf she is open and kind of spastic at times. She is normally very level headed and calm, but adores wolves who are always spastic or random in some way. She can not speak in front of a group of wolves but can play her guitar in front of them in a heartbeat, even though she thinks she plays horrible. That is because she has mild 'stage fright' and is tying to slow get over it so she can perform and speak in front of an audience no problem.

She is a passive wolf, hating violence or conflicts. She tries to love all wolves but sometimes finds that very difficult.

She has a bias against coyotes and jackals that stems from an encounter back on Ethan's farm. She has a fear of water because her father threw her in a river to try and kill her when she was three months old. Because her brother saved her, she feels in debt to any male wolf who looks like him.

She is loyal to wolves she trusts and never lies to anyone. She has strong morals but they can be bent in her mind.

Hunter is very observation because of her quiet nature. She notices things normal wolves wouldn't notice. She has an eye for small details.

She is very calm and passionate, allowing her to work with animals very well. She is very loving and shows the animals that in every action she makes around them.
Hunter was abandoned as a young pup, at five months old. She was the only one in her litter to survive. Her brother and sister were born in the litter before her.

Her father resented her because her mother became sick after her birth. Hunter had always believed she had been the cause of her mother's death until she meet the wolf that adopted the abandoned child. He told the child the most likely cause of her mother's death. But Hunter would have died in the heat of that summer had he not taken care of her.

His name was Ethan. He raised Hunter as his own and gave her the name Hunter. She didn't have a name up until then. Her mother was too sick to name her and her father was too busy taking care of her mother. He showed Hunter the beauty of the world and of nature. He was not a tree huger, but he did appreciate nature.

Ethan lived on a farm out in the country of what use to be Oklahoma. Ethan also loved animals. He raised many animals as he was raising Hunter. He raised cows, sheep, rabbits, horses, goats, and llamas, as well as messenger pigeons and a donkey.

He had farmhands but Hunter never associated with them much. Some farmhands like to harass her though. Only the coyote and jackal farmhands harassed her. She now has a bias against them now.

Ethan loved music and taught Hunter how to play the guitar, flute, and lute and how to ride a horse as well. Hunter loves to play the guitar (not so much the flute and lute) but thinks she doesn't play well, when she really does. She is bisexual, but she thinks it has nothing to do with the fact she was raised by a male wolf.

She obtained two horses when being raised by Ethan. Ethan was old, and died before she was a year and a half old. Her male horse is named Shadow, and her female horse is named Fantasia. Fantasia was Ethan's horse. Shadow died shortly after Ethan died.

After Ethan died, Hunter took one of his horse carts and loaded it with a few supplies and many animals. She took three cows (a bull and two cow), a horse (Fantasia), three llamas (one male and two female), and a few messenger pigeons in a makeshift cage. She still has all of the animals.

She traveled with the animals by putting the birds in the wagon with her stuff, and tying the other animals to the cart and walking them along with the cart. The other animals helped pull the cart along.
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