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This male coyote is a patchwork of colors spread out on a medium canine frame, complete with fluffy tail and large ears. A red coat that is more obvious along the neck, shoulders, and legs. Black and dark grey guard hairs make for a darker looking back along with a tail of black and dark browns. Under his jaw, down the underside of his neck and to the chest is white, or would be if kept clean.
Quill hasn't hit his first year quite yet and is full grown but still has a rather gangly look with a youthful face.

[Image: Quill%20SoulsRp_zps4mnugjg5.png]
Quite the upbeat personality. It's easy to find his biggest fault is curiosity. The need to know is hard to resist despite consequences for taking that one step to far.

For all his youthful eagerness and curiosity there is a slyness to him when he's not too distracted.
Hopper - the Raven
Quill never met his father. When he was still about five months of age nature took a harsh turn. A second's bad judgement and his mother got a bit too close to an angry snake.

Quill met his Raven friend, named Hopper, when it decided to help him with removing some porcupine quills. The raven called him 'Quill' after that, or close to that, and so after a time the coyote took up that nickname and stuck with it.

Quill and Hopper learned to help each other. The raven was good at irritating and chasing small prey so that it didn't notice or was unable to get away from the young coyote. Now, this method certainly didn't always work, but it was enough to keep him going. Hopper benefited from easier food as well this way. Any other potential food found, berries and such, were fair game.

Hopper also offered the benefit of alerting him to if danger was near and find shelter or simply flee with more time than he might of noticed on his own.
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