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Fenris, or more commonly Fen, is a tall Luperci, standing a few inches under 7 ft. in his Optime form. He has since filled out in relation to his height, and weighs around 233 lbs.

In his Secui form, he reaches 47 in. at the withers, and weighs about 164 lbs.

In his Lupus form, he is 36.5 in. tall, and weighs 98 lbs.

He has a rich reddish-brown coat with golden tan on his underside, a dark saddle reaching down to his hips, dark socks on all four paws, and light blue eyes. His tail, likewise, fades into a deep-set brown at the tip. His mane is often matted and dirty as a result of not washing and grooming daily.

He keeps his mane long and untrimmed, claiming that it feels more natural to him. He refrains from styling it or even brushing it often, but as it grows longer he can sometimes be seen with a small bun or ponytail.

He has a few scars on his hands and feet as a result of the missing time period. One noticeable scar is a long one that travels from his right shoulder down to his left hip that he got while fighting a moose. On his abdomen, two thin scars trail across the right side of his body and one on the left. He also has three claw marks on his left shoulder, a long scar trailing from his right chest all the way over to his back,
and a curious X-shaped scar across his right wrist. On his legs the rusty male has another X-shaped scar on his right thigh, and a longer one on his left.

Fenris now dons a simple cotton tunic with dark brown Luperci-made pants, along with greaves and gauntlets for when he goes hunting. For direct combat, he sports a simple breastplate with leather shoulder guards.
Fenris was an easy-going Luperci until what he recalls as an attack by loners in the northern part of Nova Scotia left him with more scars than he arrived with and a strange case of amnesia. Certain images can trigger a response in his subconscious from this attack, such as red eyes, dark fur, and smaller Luperci. He is also prone to flashbacks of violent attacks when faced with an opponent. These episodes only last a short period, but during which he can become lightheaded, nauseous, and sometimes he can lash out or appear to faint.

He has medium knowledge about survival techniques, having lived off the land for a few months before coming to the 'Souls region. Fen has knowledge in navigation, although this has deteriorated with time. He has muscle memory with a spear in hand, and remembers his time before Nova Scotia, where he would use it for hunting and fishing as well as combat.

Despite his rugged, battle-worn appearance and shell-shocked personality, Fenris takes pleasure in the simpler things in life, such as stargazing, gardening, and meditating. These practices can be useful in helping him to calm himself down after an episode.
Amelia Remmington- Mother

Austin Remmington- Father
Ferris was born to a meduim-sized pack in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. They were a nomadic pack, following herds of buffalo and antelope south in the summer and went north to hunt reindeer and fish in the winter.

Fen was taught every survival skill he has by his mother, Amelia. His father taught him how to hunt and fight, and he loved them both dearly.

Then, the winter months came. It was the most devastating winter the pack had ever faced. In response to the shortage of food, the Luperci of lower rank began to starve. Fen's parents were two of these wolves.

As winter rolled on, and Fen's mother was close to death, she gave him his animal-tooth necklace, a symbol of good fortune in their pack. As Fen watched both his parents die of starvation, he left his pack and set out on a journey of self-discovery through the Canadian wilderness.

As he traveled across the land, there came a point where he went for days without eating a single bite of anything. As he was ready to give up, to let the spirits take his soul, a crow came and circled above him. Fen followed the crow to a vast plain where pronghorn were grazing.

He kept that crow, eventually naming it Claudius and giving it a bone bracelet to tell him apart. As they both continued west, Fen soon came to Nova Scotia, where he now currently resides.

After staying a little while in the Vinatta pack in Nova Scotia, Fenris was hunting what looked to be a wounded deer in the woods north of the packlands. It seemed as if a dangerous band of loners were waiting for him there.

As for the rest of the missing time, Fen remains unaware of the year the has passed before ending up unconscious on the Bay of Fundy's coastline.
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