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wolf (25% Russian grey) (25% Eastern Timber wolf) (50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf)
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9th September 2015
Addler stands 3'6 in Lupus form, 4'6 in Secui form, and 7' in Optime form.

He is white with black and brown mixes on his back and tail. His ears are black with white tips, his left ear has a large chunk ripped off. His snout has a large scar going from the base of his left ear (this is also where the missing chunk is) to the end of his snout.
He has fierce blue-grey eyes that appear to glow in the moonlight. (his left eye is hazy as the scar travels right through it)

He has two branded markings on the upper bicep of his right arm. One is a figure eight like shape and the other, sitting right below, is a large five-pointed star.

When in Optime form Addler (when required) wears minimal clothing preferring loose fitting green shorts in spring and summer. In the fall and winter, he wears wear long grey pants, and a long-sleeved grey shirt.

He keeps his mane trimmed short, and favors a more wolf-like appearance and stance. He has large paws, and muscular shoulders, arms, and legs.

He wears no jewelry and has no piercings, tattoos, or dyed fur.
Addler Is a very closed up person he talks only when necessary and has a general distrust in other Luperci. This stems from childhood enslavement by a Luperci Pack.

When protecting those he cares for he can be very fierce and will never back down from a fight or abandon his comrades. He has no true sense of morality, instead basing every decision around this and his instinct.

Around those he loves he becomes warmer, more open and significantly increases how often he will speak.

He tends to favor his Lupis form over his Secui and Optime forms, but when he does change he sticks to a wolf-like appearance and generally disfavors clothing and tools(with the exception of swords)

For the most part, he is an introvert and avoids social interactions with others, except for those whom he has known for a long time. He may be often found admiring the landscape or listening to the wind rustling through trees as they help calm him. At night he often finds it hard to sleep and has frequent nightmares.

He collects memorabilia and knowledge of human society. The favorites of his collection are Laminated posters that used to hang in old human buildings, though there are very few of them.
Addler first came to Nova Scotia as part of a slaver caravan that was heading through the area. He escaped and following what he heard from the other slaves that traveled with him he headed towards Casa di Cavalieri, where he sought asylum. He stayed there for some time learned about the pack and their ways of life and came to consider it his new home.

Addler didn't stay for long as the grudge he held against his former slaver and tormentor needed to be slated. So he traveled to Europe and hunted him down.
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