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Wolfdog hybrid
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18th January 2016
Solomon clearly resembles a wolfdog hybrid, with little if any evidence of his coyote heritage. He has a long muzzle and a chiseled head shape, with obvious domestic influence that makes his face square but soft. His ears are furry and carry the cocked or semi-pricked shape. He is broad-shouldered and stocky like a working dog, though not stout; his height balances out. He looks trim enough when viewed from the side. He prefers his Optime form, where he stands at the upper end of average. His hair is worn long and often pulled back into a bun.

His base coat is a warm cream that shifts to auburn, then dark bluish-black. He has torch-yellow eyes.
Solomon has changed much over the years as a result of continuous trauma, but at his core, he is more or less the same: raised to be a proper gentleman, he is dutiful, courtly, and proper in social situations, should they arise. However, he does not seek out these interactions readily, whether out of fear that he will not recognize a former friend or because it is just easier to retreat into the recesses of his own mind.

While his limitations do not define him, they have certainly changed him. Some days are better than others. Although he is not altogether a shell of his former self, there was a spark in the young man's eyes that was snuffed out long ago and has yet to return.
Solomon Amaranthe was a member of Bête Noire, formally a longtime loner.

Born in Sapient with Onuban and (unbeknownst to him) Revlis blood, he has had previous stints in his birthpack, his mother's homelands, and Cour des Miracles; however, a violent encounter with Ciprian Tenebriso left him gravely wounded with a traumatic brain injury. His sister, Odalis, assumed he had been killed as she disappeared into the dead of night.

He returned to the Court for some time until around mid-2018, when he felt he was no longer needed there, that it was no longer his home. Solomon has traveled aimlessly in and out of 'Souls lands, desperate to find his captive sibling, all the while suffering from fickle memory and temporary blindness in his right eye on account of his TBI. His travels brought him, briefly, to Del Cenere Gang as an outsider, where he met the shy and reclusive Alejandra Sanctus — a woman that strived to earn a place in Solomon's deteriorating mind.

They soon left the pack, together, and despite the challenges Solomon's state provided them, established a relationship. Their wandering brought them to Bête Noire, where they settled and had a child together, Marina Amaranthe. But even with these two tethering him to some sense of reality, his heart still ached over the disappearance of his lone sister.

After learning of Odalis's fate from a reluctant Alejandra, Solomon committed this to memory by any means necessary, determined not to forget it yet again. He penned two words onto a crumpled piece of parchment and made plans to set off after her: Odalis. Salsola. He attempted to free her from her captors and end her term of "enslavement" prematurely, as he had failed to protect her all those years ago — but he was ultimately unsuccessful.

As punishment for his insolence, Solomon was murdered by O'Riley Eternity in July 2021.
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