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Canis Rufus Verto
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14th October 2015
Luperci Verto
(29 inches, 73 lbs in lupus form)

Charlie is a red wolf, or a Canis Rufus. Although, her fur is of a dark black hue in heavy contrast to most of her species’ trademark red, lending itself to stealthiness. This abnormal colouration is due to a condition called melanism, which is essentially the opposite of albinism; this means Charlie was born with abnormally large amounts of melanin in her body, which contributes to a darker pigment.

She has a chunk bitten off of the lower tip of her tail, due to a narrow escape. Charlie is also slightly muscled, although she is more skinny than anything else, the outlines of her ribs visible through her dark fur. She has a sizable claw mark on the left side of her snout, which scarred from her fight with Szenne in September of 2016. Charlie also lost a chunk of her right ear while attempting to steal from traders in February of 2017. Additionally, she has a few less noticeable scars from various scuffles with predators on her back, ears and legs. Her bony hands are heavily scarred from her time of playing with sharp things.

Charlie has a streamline, almost skeletal build with muscle simply grafted on as an afterthought. Charlie's eyes are accentuated by her dark face, and are extremely frightening to look at for those who see past her fake personality. Charlie also has a very pleasant and beautiful likeness beneath her facial scars, though the malevolent expression she sometimes takes on goes against her feminine looks. This beauty come from her seemingly anastatic facial features, as if a machine had made it so. Charlie’s fur is kept clean, and is devoutly groomed. Charlie's eyes are a cloudy grey; a near-paranormal sight. One eye is a tad lighter than the other, but barely noticeable unless looked at closely. Her optime hair is typically done in a meticulously neat ponytail; in order to keep it out of her way.
Charlie is very controlling, as well as manipulative. She constantly wants to be in control of every situation, doing everything in her power to make things go her way. As a result, she becomes angry when things don't go according to her visions of perfection. Her manipulative nature isn't necessarily due to her need for control, but it's a good way to get what she wants when she wants it. She's obsessive, methodical. Charlie often plans things out to the point of madness, despising mess, clutter or any sort of disarray.

Despite Charlie's vexating actions, others seem acclimated to listen to her when she wants to convince somebody of something, mostly because she speaks as if she's telling the truth. Charlie is always looking for any excuse to commit crimes, or to simply act as a spy or an effective saboteur.

Her arrogance isn't always apparent, but she thinks highly of herself. Rarely does Charlie like someone other than herself, or do something for another person. Personal gain is her strongest motivator, and the only thing she truly cares about, is herself.

As her intelligence increases, and she becomes wary of her own acuity, she will begin to squander the less knowledgeable. She finds those that know less than her are inferior, or are unworthy of her respect. Books have become a key portion of her new web of information. Charlie avidly reads, and might even reference literature in her thoughts and speech.

Lastly, she is a strong actor. In fact, she hides her mental instability under a blanket of kindness and artificial warmth, producing a lovable persona when she is around friends. However, if she is around strangers or feels she has been treated poorly or looked down upon, she has the tendency to become malignant. If Charlie truly detests someone, she has been known to exhibit a fake amicable attitude towards that person and exact revenge later.

Beneath her mask, she is undeniably insane. She seeks attention from others, and resents those that ignore her because she hates feeling alone. The cruelty of her parents scarred her for life. This of course combined with mental issues on their own caused her to become cold, angry, and sadistic. Her thoughts often reflect the anger and neglect she felt as a child. Violence holds a powerful satisfaction for her, and even calms her down. Charlie often struggles with emotions, exemplifying textbook psychopathic behaviour. She has little empathy, and relishes in the fear and suffering of others. What feeling she does have goes into her endless pursuit for satisfaction.
Info on Edwin below!

Charlie was orphaned at a young age. (No parents)
Because of Charlie's dubious nature, most reject her, treating her as someone who can't be trusted. However, this cannot be said about her best friend Edwin. Edwin is a small, rash starling whom Charlie befriended during her childhood. The pair have been inseparable since, and make a bizarre, yet phenomenal team.


Sturnus vulgaris (starling)


Edwin is a primarily black, but also green and grey starling with a bluish, metallic sheen. He has white spots all over his body. He is infamous for his ability to fly very stealthily, snatch up objects of interest, as well as cause considerable havoc using his sharp beak. Ed is best friends with a wayward wolf named Charletter-Ebony, who he assists in acts of thievery and other mischief. Ed’s favourite things to do in his off-time include stealing food from other birds, sometimes causing aerial conflict; pestering Charlie for food, or more likely, just for fun; and performing tricks to vaunt his superlative flying skill.
Charlie was born in the forested Maritimes. As a small child she was constantly neglected by her parents, and many times she came close to starvation. Charlie was abandoned later due to unknown complications. Her long name is a combination of the names which her parents couldn't come to a consensus over; this led to her double name.

One day her parents left her like they usually did, but this time they stayed away for weeks. Charlie figured they wouldn't be coming back, and they never did. Orphaned, she spent the coming months of her life in solidarity, living on her own at a young age. In time, Charlie learned to be resourceful, stealthy and observant. This meant she had to learn to negotiate, and barter for her life in a brutal, yet effective, “trial-by-fire” manner. She later nicknamed herself “Charlie” for simplicity reasons.

Becoming increasingly lonely. Charlie also became an avid speaker of low-speech,conversing with the local forest animals. She developed this skill until she was able to perform broken low-speech. Charlie can also understand a few different dialects common to the damp woods, which later became useful in communication with her friend Edwin. Charlie also began to steal things like food from others, including more well off canines, to get by.

One day Charlie had a narrow escape which changed her life forever. That day, she stole a valuable dagger, hoping she could trade it for food. The owner of the food pursued and confronted Charlie. Upon refusal of the luperci’s request to hand over the blade, a fight ensued and Charlie was bitten in the tail. Just when it seemed that escape was impossible, the reckless actions of a stranger saved her life. Later the stranger introduced himself; much to Charlie's surprise, he was a mere bird. They decided that they would travel together, becoming an unstoppable duo. Edwin became very protective of his new friend. Charlie later named him Edwin. Edwin proved good at scouting and aerial surveillance, whilst assisting Charlie who would be on the ground. This dynamic helped Charlie steal enough food for both of them. They have claimed many victories and have had many successful “heists” since then.
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