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3/4 Coyote, 1/4 Red Wolf
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5th October 2010
Saoxa is 1/4 red wolf, 3/4 coyote. She is very petite and only weighs around thirty pounds due to malnutrition as a pup. She was a very gangly pup, and it is something that she did not grow out of; her legs are very long, throwing her body proportions off.

While Saoxa is very small, her fur is long and sometimes gives her a fluffy appearance. Saoxa has three main colors that dominate her pelt: cream, brown, and gray. Her back, legs, and tail are a mixture of brown and gray and her chest/stomach is a light cream color. Her nose and paw pads are black as the night, and her eyes are the color of storm clouds with a tiny glint of rose to them.

Saoxa has one modification that was made to her body to mark her as an exile to anyone who found her from her old pack. The pack's insignia was branded into her left shoulder while she was unconscious, a tall cross-like symbol to mark her as an exile or deserter. She has numerous scars from her many beatings. The most prominant include one across her muzzle that goes down to the right side of her lip, and long claw marks that end where her right front leg was broken.

Saoxa will sometimes be found in Optime form, even though she was taught in her home pack that females should stay lower to the ground than males (a form of submission) and that shifting into a taller optime form was a sign of aggression. Now that she lives in Inferni, she feels more comfortable in Optime form and stays in it much of the time.

Saoxa can be found wearing a dress much like this one: That was made of various pieces of fabric all stitched together. She enjoys wearing the dress because of its beauty and coloration; as a scout, it is important that she be able to blend into the background. In Optime, her hair is very long, brown, and wavy.
Saoxa has never interacted with anyone outside of her home pack before. She does not know or understand the ways of other packs, only what she grew up with, which can cause some confusion. She grew up learning that females are supposed to be subservient to males and that if one disobeys what they are told they will be punished harshly...doubly so if they are female. She has never seen a healthy relationship, only ones where females did as males bid without question. She fears most males, believing that any male she speaks to might report her location back to her home pack. She fears her home pack most of all. The idea of pack members coming after her or forcing her to come back home leaves her with constant paranoia and anxiety.

The thing that defines Saoxa most of all is her thirst for knowledge. She was kept confined to their den at home and wants to explore the bright new world that she has discovered. She wants to learn how to do everything perfectly so that she can care for herself and become independent.

Saoxa is very wary of all other canines, especially those of the opposite gender. She is very reserved and quiet, usually keeping her thoughts to herself unless spoken to. She is used to receiving harsh discipline and is never certain if something that she says or does will earn her some kind of punishment.
Saoxa grew up in a large but secluded pack in New Bruswick, Canada. The pack consisted of coyotes, wolves, dogs, and hybrids that had banded together under a common purpose. Saoxa was the youngest of four pups born to her mother Axia and father Xerone, and was the only female. Due to her gender she was raised very differently from her siblings. Their pack was led by males, with pack laws that had been created and enforced by male canines ever since the pack's founding.

Saoxa's brothers had the run of the lands and were treated very kindly and respectfully, while Saoxa was instructed to stay indoors and do more feminine tasks in the communal den with the other females of the pack. The males learned to hunt and fish, to fight and wrestle...and she learned how to clean floors with a cloth and her paws, identify herbs, sweep the floor with her tail, and care for pups.

It was a life that did not please her. As she grew older she often longed for adventure and was caught trying to leave the communal den several times before the punishments began to catch up with her. She learned to be quiet with her movements, as silent as a mouse as she slipped out of the den and into the night. But alas, she was not perfect and was almost always discovered. One indiscretion had been a simple whipping, but they became more severe each time.

Over the few years of her life Saoxa never seemed to learn her lesson, her thirst for leading a male life overriding her desire for safety and the approval of her very traditional mother and father.

One event triggered the idea that she should leave the pack. She overheard her mother and father speaking in whispers one night after she was supposed to have been asleep. They had a “match” for her, Xerone had said, a male from a pack on the other side of the valley. The match would bring the pack items that they had been wanting since before she’d been born, like a quality canoe and quality hunting equipment…and Xerone could get rid of his good for nothing daughter in the process.

The coyote planned her escape quickly after that, plotting out every detail and repeating the steps in her mind over and over again until she had considered every single possibility. No one had ever tried to escape the pack before, and her parents had been keeping a very close eye on her since her previous attempts at leaving the den. She knew that she would have only one chance. The punishments had become so severe that the last one had taken her weeks to heal from. Her front leg still ached where her father had snapped it in half, a bump sticking out slightly at the site where the bone had not healed correctly afterward.

The night that she chose to leave was one of the quietest that she could remember. Every sound had seemed to be twice as loud as she had crept across the room, away from her sleeping mother and father. Saoxa made it much farther than she had ever gotten before, all the way to the treeline before one of the Alpha’s scouts had spotted her gray form. This time the beating was more severe than ever. Her parents were alerted and she was made a public spectacle, shamed in front of the entire pack.

When she awoke, battered and left for dead, Saoxa was surprised to find that there was no one around. She tried to stand up but failed, one leg giving out and the other aching sharply. She blinked when something touched her eyelashes, jumping for a moment at the strange and cold sensation as she tried once more to stand. It was then that she noticed some major differences…this was not the den. The dusting of white on the ground…it wasn’t dust, it was cold and there was more of it floating in the air around her. What…what was this stuff? She sniffed a few times, trying to figure out where she was and how she had gotten there. Had she escaped? Or had she been abandoned?

The bruised coyote lifted her head to stare upward as she stood shakily, her mouth falling open in shock at the sight of the sun setting over the horizon. She had always known that it got darker outside at night, but her parents had never allowed her outside of the den to see it for herself. It was a beautiful sight, and a sight that inspired her to begin walking East as the last bit of light disappeared from sight and darkness settled over the lands.
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