Matteo DeCesare

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7th August 2014
Luperci Ortus
50% Northeastern Coyote
25% Italian Wolf
12.5% Maremma Sheepdog
12.5% Belgian Malanois

He was once a handsome, happy man. Matteo stands at 6 ft 7 in (79 in/200 cm) tall in Optime form, which he utilizes most frequently. His fur is silky and kept clean, it flows longer and curlier at his chest, hocks, tail, and neck ruff. He's usually frowning, honestly. If he's not frowning, he usually appears to be bored or annoyed.

Matteo is highly humanized and will wear clothing for aesthetic reasons as well as for warmth. He wears a silver snake pendant around his neck and a ruby ring set in gold on his left index finger. His Optime hair is cut somewhat short.

It is not easy to directly distinguish his heritage, as he is a hybrid. His Maremma, Malanois and wolf lineage gives him height and bulk, his coyote blood grants him a sharp face and large ears (if he did not lose most of his right one). In Optime form, he weighs 225 lbs. In Lupus form, his bulk is still very apparent. His paws are very large. His frame is better suited for brute force and power rather than speed and endurance. Matteo is sturdily built.

Many scars grace his body, some criss-cross on his chest, wrists, and thighs, some mar his face.

Matteo is primarily Shark with flecks of Coffee along the ridge of his spine and his saddle. His remaining ear is also tipped with this tone. His muzzle, inner-ears, underbelly, and tail are Flint and Tapa. Every scar on his body is an Opium tone. His Algae Green eyes contrast with the rest of his coloration.
Matteo is not easy to converse with, nor is he particularly interested in doing such a thing in the first place. He can be seen as gruff, disinterested, and sometimes terribly rude to any unfortunate soul to cross his path. He has no filter and his brutally honest remarks can cut like a jagged knife. He cares little about who this can hurt. He speaks very articulate English, but his sentences are often clipped and short to avoid wasting time talking. He is sarcastic, aloof, and gruff in his way of speaking. He is very good at recognizing another's character -- especially the negative aspects, such as their shortcomings and their flaws. Sometimes, he may throw these at another to deflect mention of his own flaws.

Matteo DeCesare can read and write in fluent English and Italian.

Matteo is gravely independent and loathes help or anyone who chooses to patronize him. He is out for himself, plain and simple. He is not averse to manipulation and intimidation to get what he wants, and at times may drop some of the more unpleasant aspects of his demeanor to accomplish just that.

When intoxicated, his walls come down ever so slightly and he may be more open to conversation. He likes intelligent conversations which remind him of his scholarly past. But he can be mean, he can be violent even if slightly provoked. Drunk or not, he never talks about his life in Anzio or his scars. They are simply a part of him, and memories that he would simply love to quell.

Matteo enjoys smoking cigarettes and the more than occasional drink of whiskey or scotch. He learned to gamble while in Portland. He enjoys feeling like he is capable of outsmarting others.

Matteo hurts, but he does not know how to deal with it. The DeCesare lashes out in anger, deflection, and withdrawal. He does not know how to look to others or reach out, nor he does not understand how to relate to those who may care because he has simply forgotten how to trust. One day it is possible that he will let someone in, but that day is far off...

Matteo is strictly heterosexual, part of the strict values he was raised upon. He is not averse to promiscuity, however. This is just one of the rules he breaks. He enjoys the female form and sharing a night with them, but he hates the notion of settling down or anything more serious. Emotionally, he is detached. He believes himself incapable of love, and that love would never benefit him anyway. He generally disapproves of any relationship outside of one like his own.

Matteo still enjoys literature. He salvages stories from abandoned buildings and usually has a small collection of two or three books on hand to read when he is alone. He is a loner, but he is not against joining a pack if it offers many benefits that will allow him to get ahead.

He is still a natural, competitive leader, but his current style does not match his gentle, genuine, and charming ways of the past. He is often dominant and demanding when he feels like he needs to be. Matteo regards Anzio as a lost cause and leading the city does not cross his mind anymore.
Detailed family info can be found on his wiki! (Still a work in progress!)

Giuseppe DeCesare
Gianna DeCesare

Bella DeCesare
Angelo DeCesare
Cipriano DeCesare
The wealthy DeCesare family set down the foundations for prosperous trade on the seaside city of Anzio, Italy. For generations, the large family had enabled the city to flourish.

Matteo is the eldest son born to Gianna and Giuseppe DeCesare. Alongside his siblings, Bella, Cipriano, and Angelo, he was raised in lavish riches and raised to uphold his family's values. As the eldest son, his parents prepared him for his future as heir to his parent's legacy and power. His brothers and sister opted to join the city's defense, a militia governed by Giuseppe's council. This was not what they wanted, however. And of course, bred noxious jealousy between the remaining siblings.

The boy had a hopeful beginning.

Matteo spent his youth as a scholar and a sailor. He accompanied Giuseppe on diplomatic voyages all over the Mediterranean Sea. He was adored by diplomats and dignitaries everywhere for his intelligence and charm; everyone knew that the boy would be a great leader one day. Matteo had a bright future ahead of him, or so he had thought...

On the night of his second year, a dark day had fallen upon the city of Anzio. News of Gianna and Giuseppe's sudden deaths spread like wildfire across the city. As he steadied himself to take up the mantle of leadership, young Matteo was arrested by the city militia as he took to the estate's balcony to address the grieving court. He was beaten, bloodied, and broken as Cipriano watched coldly. Matteo had been accused of murder. A vial of poison had been ceased from his room, a vial that had never once touched the scholar's hands.

His title was revoked immediately and for three weeks he was shackled, tortured and humiliated publicly. His attempts to express his innocence were futile and ignored. The Luperci of Anzio spit at and berrated the DeCesare as they passed by. He passed in and out of consciousness. As Matteo was submerged in foggy half-consciousness, he felt the shackles at his wrists loosen and his body was dragged. He swore he could smell the sea and the port that existed on the edge of the city.

Matteo recognized the voice of his sister, but he was too weak to react. She spoke quietly to another, but with much urgency.
"I do not care if he lives or if he dies, just get rid of him. I'll pay you in gold, once the deed is finished."

There was not much else he could after those words, as he slipped back into dark unconsciousness.

For weeks he traveled on a slaver's ship. He was beaten into submission, but determined useless -- he had slipped into a state of unfeeling, to pain and his siblings' betrayal. He was deemed useless and sold for a low price in Portland. The man who bought Matteo took pity on him and he was soon released.

Matteo would never be the same.

He was angry, but he did not care to seek revenge on his siblings for their betrayal. Matteo could never truly trust another soul again. He became callous, cold, bitter, and detached. He spent many days with a bottle and lived promiscuously, but he could never form any sort of meaningful relationship. Once he grew bored of that city, he set his sights north, where the whispers of an intriguing land piqued his interest: Nova Scotia.
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