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Tiger (Siberian with small % of Bengal)
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4th April 2013
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Vesna’s coat bares her species' trademark stripes, like thinned oil dripping down from wells along her vertebrae. The fur color beneath the striking markings is a gradient of fiery colors beginning on top as a rich burnt sienna and further down fading into a paler reddish-orange hue to a snow white underbelly. Her eyes are large and glistening with a pale olive green that fades to a light gold on the outermost edge, but this detail is undetectable unless one is able to gaze closely into her eyes and live long enough for their brain to process it. Ok, slightly kidding! Vesna is quite gentle despite donning a massive form, one which perfectly fits the cliche writer's description of ‘rippling muscles and sinew’.
Her movements are usually slow and languid to conserve the enormous energy reservoir deep within her core, but moves like a burning orange lightning bolt when motivated to do so.
She sometimes wears necklaces, anklets, tail adornments, or other decorations if she can convince a Luperci to dress her up. It's not her most proud activity, asking for their help, but the beautiful result is well worth the sacrifice. Her favorite jewelry consists of crystals and metals, which serve spiritual as well as ornamental purposes.
She weighs no less than 300 lb. (136 kg.) at any given time, and in a good hunting season may reach up to 325 lb. (147 kg.). In her past, during a time of starvation, she weighed much less but has since recovered. Body length from head to base of tail is 5.75 ft, with a tail about 2.5 ft. long. She is about 3 1/2 ft. tall at shoulders.
Upon first presentation most would have a hard time gleaming details from the tigress's calm yet ferocious surface. The majority of sensible observers would err on the side of caution, but she is quite friendly... until she isn’t. Like many a typical house cat we all know and love/hate, she's famous for moods shifting faster than a Bugatti Veyron, but this is only if the conditions are just right. Luperci of the male lupus variety tend to irk her ire more than any other creature, due to their dark involvement in her early history. This flaw operates at more of a subconscious level, though her ego tricks her into believing she’s over the past trauma. In general she tries her best to give any new acquaintance the benefit of the doubt. Although, she can’t help but feel sickened when she thinks about the sheer number of canines in the world who seem to think they run the place just because they can walk on two legs and use thumbs. More than once she has had visions of two-legged creatures sporting thumbs, like naked Luperci only smaller and stranger looking and with flat faces and teeth made of white squares, but these visions never felt like good news. She doesn’t know what to make of such mind pictures. This brings us to perhaps her most prominent yet invisible and unbelievable trait- the strength of her third eye. As a result Vesna is spiritual on a very personal level, with beliefs stemming into the metaphysical realm. The unenlightened perceive this behavior as insane, but she does not always reveal this aspect of her personality unless she feels like stirring the puddle. More often than not she uses the information she receives from the higher realm as personal guidance in everyday life.
Vesna was born on March 3rd, 2013 in a litter of three. She was brought to North America in-utero by a group of Luperci who hoped to harvest fresh newborn tiger cubs in order to make magical cures and potions. She and her brothers’ and sisters’ body parts were to be barterered in this land where such items are almost unheard of. Their mother was also scheduled for slaughter for similar purposes, but she escaped along with 2 of her cubs, sadly the third sibling did not make it passed the cruel, greedy hands of its captors. Vesna’s mother raised her remaining cubs in this unknown land as best she could. Vesna and her sibling split off on their own around the age of 2 1/2 years. She has since been enjoying the independent life, and keeps in touch with her mother and brother. Due to their unorthodox time together they have developed a stronger family bond than most tigers traditionally do. This in part has also sparked a dream within young Vesna’s idealistic mind, one which she holds close to her heart and out of the ears of strangers. She has taken quite well to the independent lifestyle though, and she is a successful huntress who would make any mother-predator proud.
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