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Luperci Ortus
Palaydrian Soul has the coloring much akin to a Siamese cat. Her coat ranges from a cream colored tawny hue to shades of blond. Her visage brings forth the typical seal points that a Siamese carries where the coolest points of her body are located. The seal points are located near her nose, ears, tail tip, and all but her back right legs. Drin's seal point markings range in colors from chocolate to lilac (pale warm grey) hues, painting her muzzle in a blaze shape and the backs of her ears. (see photo) Her limbs have a "just-dipped" appearance on her front two legs and back left leg just above her knees and fading into the tawny gold of the rest of her coat. Her right hind-leg remains untouched by the seal points. Think warm grey stockings.

Though no mix-breeding is in her blood, Drin's eyes are the perfect example of the genetic mutation called secular heterochromia. The right eye is completely sea-glass green permanently flecked with scarlet red (from taking a deadly blow to the face from Aram's fist) while the left eye is predominantly gold. Her heterochromia is a splash of ocean just beneath her pupil.

Drin is a little taller than average she-wolf. The fully grown adult is 95lbs, 32' in wolf form, 198lbs, 40'' secui, and 215lbs, 6' 7" in her Optime form. In her more natural forms she is lean yet muscular in build and taller than most.

Drin's long locks of wavy blond hair are also touched by her seal points with streaks of the chocolate and lilac (warm grey) providing lowlights throughout. She usually pulls aside her naturally wavy hair into a thick fishtail braid to the side, but even tied up, her tresses reach below her breast line. Her lean yet muscular build carries over into her Optime form. Her features are petite, or "fun" sized if you will.

As a tradition passed down from Syliat's unknown religion/origin, Palaydrian received a branding of a crescent moon upon her upper body following her full day of survival after birth. The silver scar is not visible in her lupine or secui form, as it is covered by her thick main, but in Optime form it is worn like the scarlet letter "A"proudly on the middle of her chest.
Check out updated Biography to get a sense of her past/evolved personality.
After being chased out of the lands she grew up in, Palaydrian's once carefree and spirited nature takes a bit of coaxing to come out. She does not trust females at all and has a hard time opening up to them. If patient with her though, one will find themselves a fiercely loyal friend and sister to the end. Her apprehensiveness with the same sex is borderline obsessive compulsive, but Drin tries to stay optimistic by giving them the benefit of the doubt. Her irrational fear makes her believe that females only befriend her in order to ultimately backstab her.

She is very much so the girl next door to any male, finding them the easier sex to talk to and relax around as she grew up with her two brothers. Her trust issues seem to melt away with guys as she's always considered herself somewhat of a tomboy or one of the gang because of her up bringing. Males are easier to understand as she has not experienced any of the passive aggressiveness females seem to always exude, or at least she convinces herself of this.

Soul, refusing to believe she's even remotely attractive, struggles with the attention she receives from males because she's ultimately afraid that a male's awareness will only be followed by the fury of another jealous she-wolf. She witnessed what acts of "love" were first hand through Kila's wrath, and is wary of encountering it again. Her lack of vanity is what makes her so beautiful and sincere. She has no idea what "sexy" is and often times becomes shy and embarrassed of herself if flirted with. She has always been her brothers's sister, not an object of affection, so any flirtatious/sexual attention makes her flustered and giddy.

Palaydrian is generally a very laid back and playful wolf. She abhors violence (unless she's hunting), and tries her hardest to avoid it. If she were to ever get into a fight or argument, she'd most likely submit or give up. Jealousy is not in her nature and she considers this an evil emotion belonging to females like Kila. However, she wears her heart on her sleeve allowing her to easily get hurt. When alone she writes and sings songs. Anyone would be lucky to catch her singing as she has the voice of an angel. She's a complete dreamer and romantic, though the latter she's just discovering.

The awakening of heat in her body is making her more so aware of her feminine ways, but she's scared of what the changes might mean. She's a very curious girl as she came from a somewhat sheltered life when it comes to matters of being Luperci. Her blood was looked down upon in the lands she was born, so she's still intimidated and reluctant to shift. However, now that she sees Luperci is practically celebrated in 'Souls, she longs to become exceptionally skilled with her hands in any type of craft and she hungers for the knowledge of reading and writing.

Living in the new lands of 'Souls, Palaydrian has come across a few canines who she has easily identified with as they have had an injustice forced upon them. Hearing their stories, has only stoked the flame burning inside her from the acts of violence that she experienced. The young Soul will no longer be a bystander for herself, her friends, or family when threatened with evil. Always the one to avoid violence, she will now contradict her old ways, and jump into the fray on a "crusader's" mission to right all the wrongs.
Known Bloodline/Immediate Family:
Syliat Darkfire (previously Tigra Sunbound): great grandmother aka meemaw, unknown
Fawn Darkfire (Acidica Lea): grandmother, unknown
Sufyx Fraust: grandfather, deceased
Tyris Rilyn: father, unknown
Izrian Darkfire: mother, unknown
Sylven Darkfire: brother, unknown
Taro Rilyn: brother, unknown

Jiva Takekuro, deceased, wiki
Bran Stormbringer, alive, wiki

Leaf Darkfire: adopted fox kit, wiki
Tyris Kurosoul: sired by Jiva,wiki
Taro Kurosoul: sired by Jiva, wiki
Dagr Soul: sired unknowingly by Aedan, wiki
Ahti Firebringer: sired by Bran, wiki
Akara Firebringer: sired by Bran, wiki
Izrian Firebringer: sired by Bran, wiki
Sylven Firebringer: sired by Bran, wiki

Feathered Companions
Zalia - Northern Harrier, view here
Rok - Raven, baby Rok, adult Rok
For a "Before Souls" History on Palaydrian, please check out her wiki here

Updated 05/30
Palaydrian's time in Souls has certainly been life changing. Gone are the old apprehensions of interacting with females. Her time in New Dawn made her realize she was able to find true friends and sisters in her fellow females and not all she-wolves in Souls were like Kila. The worries and doubts she carried of love had also been swept away in the bi-colored gaze of Jiva Takekuro. He was a male who stole her heart within hours of meeting her and soon after his own heart was stolen by her. The two became mates a few months following their first interaction, albeit there was some confusion and the usual drama surrounding any new relationship.

In New Dawn, Palaydrian gained friends and family who were proud of her accomplishments and urged her to do more. This was a complete change from her life before Souls. She ascended in the ranks, having gained the trust of her leaders. She grew more comfortable using her optime form whereas the virus had been a curse in her old life. Yet with all the ups she experienced in her new home, Drin was dealt major trials and heartbreaking blows. She was violently assaulted by a rogue hybrid named Aram who carved his crude initials into her thigh and was forced to spend months in her optime form to heal from broken bones and lacerations he had inflicted. During her healing period, she lost a beloved friend, Titania Moonsong. Grief and sadness supposedly driving her former Alphess mad. Once she was well enough again, she and her mate celebrated her first pregnancy, but lost the litter within the Glen Eyrie after falling she fell down into an old mine shaft.

Shortly after, the broken fae found solace and her second beginning in the form of an abandoned fox kit, Leaf. He was adopted into her life with Jiva though the mated pair feared his presence in their traditional pack would cause problems in the future. They chose to leave before any issues could arise, perhaps causing a few of their family members strife in their departure, but New Dawn would always be her first home and she still holds her old pack mates dear. Her time in the woods had come to an end. She and Jiva wanted to pursue a life more comfortable with luperci culture, leaving the sad memories behind them but always cherishing the happiest ones on their journey to a fresh start.

Vinátta had been calling to them for awhile. There they assimilated into the viking culture with ease. Jiva and Drin got into a lover's quarrel shortly after their arrival, but the news of her second pregnancy made their bond stronger than ever. Her first two months in the Jordheim were quite sheltered, Jiva wasn't taking any chances of jeopardizing his mate's health or his offspring growing in her belly. It was a difficult birth, but with helping hands, the twins; Tyris and Taro were born. Life was a whirlwind of activity after Drin's brief period of heightened security. She became a Vald of the pack and applied her natural skills of understanding Low Speech to becoming a Falconer.

However, trouble couldn't keep it's claws out of her family long enough. Leaf nearly drowned in the lake, Palaydrian became anemic, loosing her milk for a short time, Jiva was attacked by a drifter who claimed half of his tail as a trophy, and the Vald suffered from a nasty badger bite. Stability returned to their family after these hardships, but their time of bliss was short-lived. Soon after Leaf had discovered a new friend and his adoption was revealed, Jiva was swept out to sea on a day meant to be romantic and special for the mated pair. Palaydrian was beyond devastated, spending the entire evening and early morning on the beach desperately searching for her lover after she barely escaped the wrath of the ocean herself. There was no trace left behind of his existence and Jiva was presumed dead.

The following weeks were filled with bitter emptiness and depression as Palaydrian tried holding the pieces together, explaining to her children their father was on a quest for Luna/Freya and would not be returning to them. She allowed herself to fall under the deadly and additive spell of opium, spending her afternoons getting high instead of allowing herself to feel and properly heal. Only after having a slightly unsettling, yet erotic "dream" about a male (Aeden de Valence) she had met previously in the wilderness, did she realize she was falling apart at the seams and she needed to start making changes for her family and her pack. The period of mourning needed to come to an end and it was time for her to take control of her life again.

Withdrawal was a crippling process, but after eradicating Vinátta of the mysterious poppy plant, Palaydrian met the beast head on, scaring a pack mate in the process. She's now returned to normal state though perhaps more jaded than before. The Vald has accepted that Jiva is gone, but isn't ready to throw herself into another relationship anytime soon. Though she's become much more lax and open with her emotions, she won't allow herself to fall for another as easily as she did with Jiva...perhaps coming off as cruel or a tease if she's not careful doling out her lighthearted affections. At the moment, she's focused on being the best mother for her children, making up for the time she lost chasing the dragon, and focusing her efforts into her garden and providing for the pack. Time heals everything, and she's ready to make new memories.
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