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Dusk is the tallest female in the Hushhowl family, close to the same height as her brothers and father as she stands at 6'9" in her Optime form. She has a very feminine, but fairly muscular hour-glass shaped figure. Her shoulders are square and her waist is thin, falling into wider hips. The majority of her coat is white with her right ear grey and black markings under her eyes, over the left brow, behind both ears, a black blaze on her muzzle extending from her nose, and a steak of black running along the top of her tail. The Hushhowl has heterochromic eyes, the left yellow like her father's and right, her mother's blue. She has a few scars, one going over her left brow, three lines across her right cheek, and four lines on her left thigh going from her hip to her knee. The Hushhowl markings over her eyes are the same blue her mothers were. She wears a blue tunic style shirt, black shorts, leather arm guards, and foot wraps usually on a daily basis unless not in her Optime form. She has a metal pendant that bears the Hushhowl crest, which hangs from a black chord, resting at her chest.
Dusk has always been a fairly introverted individual, not really one for gossip or needless conversations, speaking mostly when needed. Members of her own family are really the only ones that see her softer side, openly showing affection with them in various ways or simply keeping near them. The eldest Hushhowl does what she can to try and be a matriarch for her family that would make her parents proud and be someone the rest of her clan can look to. As she is nearly always willing to aid her family or packmates, she is a very kind hearted individual despite the fact she doesn't show much emotion compared to others. She is fairly patient when helping others, especially if it is a pup. The pale woman is especially soft for pups, willing to teach and train them in whatever may interest them. While she does have that soft side, Dusk is also fiercely protective. She will not hesitate to put herself in danger if it meant protecting those she cares about, nor is she afraid to fight and even kill those who bring harm to her loved ones. It's typically fairly difficult to bring out anger in Dusk, usually remaining stoic and keeping her emotions in check. Threatening or harming those she cares about is typically the only time one could truly see her aggression make an appearance. For her, family is everything.
Darkness Hushhowl - Father
Hartt Attaya - Mother

Dawn Hushhowl - Sister
Night Hushhowl - Sister
Day Hushhowl - Sister
Temnota Hushhowl - Brother
Pushok Hushhowl - Brother

Zetsubou - Mate
Borya Hushhowl - Son (with Zetsubou)
Lyubov Hushhowl - Daughter (with Zetsubou)
Zasha Hushhowl - Daughter (with Zetsubou)
Kazimir Hushhowl - Son (with Zetsubou)
Alyonna Hushhowl - Daughter (with Zetsubou)
Roza Hushhowl - Daughter (with Zetsubou)
Katja Hushhowl - Daughter (with Zetsubou)
The eldest Hushhowl had been born in New Dawn when her parents were still members of the feral pack. She was still very young when the family of three left though to live in their own little family unit, her sister, Dawn, rounding out their numbers to four. During this time, Dusk had grown closest to her father and looked up to him. Her own quiet personality was closer to his which might have aided in her leaning more towards her father. After circumstances left her small family separated, Dusk ended up traveling alone with Darkness while they searched for the other half of their family. Upon reuniting, they promptly joined Casa di Cavalieri where Night soon came along, followed by Day. The growing family chose to move out of the main housing in Casa and instead began construction on a large den within Casa's territory. With the addition of the first set of boys born in the Hushhowl family, they also lost Hartt. With the death of her mother, Dusk made choices that resulted in her falling pregnant by a man she had quickly grown to care for in a short amount of time. Leaving the protection of Casa's borders, she sought out the father to give him the news, only to be attacked by his father, resulting in the death of all but one, Borya. Quite a bit of time passed before she could finally aid in rescuing Zetsubou from Shaamah's clutches, bringing him back to Casa where he could get to know his son. The pair continued to grow close but neither would admit their feelings for one another for far too long. The death of her father hit the whole family hard and it also left Dusk as the lone matriarch for the clan, a responsibility she gladly took on. By the time Zetsu and Dusk officially became mates, she was already pregnant, Lyubov and Zasha arriving shortly after. Their family continuing to grow with the additions of Kazimir, Katja, Alyonna, and Roza. Dusk remains as the matriarch of the Hushhowl clan, caring for them all.
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