Adrian Raven-Shadowryn

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Jackal-Wolf-Coyote mix
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31st October 2014
Adrian's structure takes after her jackal heritage, she is lean and long-legged. She has lean muscle that is mostly in her biceps from her fighting training. Her facial structure also shows her jackal blood with her narrow snout and large ears.

Adrian's fur is long enough for her to withstand Nova Scotia's winters. She also has a bottlebrush tail which could be attributed to her wolf heritage.

Her fur is mainly Cod Grey. She had Dove Grey stockings that reach up to her elbows on her front legs and to her knees on her back legs. Her underbelly is also Dove Grey along with a splotch on her chest and on her tail tip.

Adrian has heterochromia. Her left eye is Amethyst and her right eye is Affair

  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Height: 18 inches
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Height: 31 inches
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Height: 4 feet, 9 inches

  • 25% Algerian Jackal
  • 25% Abyssinian Jackal
  • 12.5% Lower Rio Grande Valley Coyote
  • 12.5% Callifornia Valley coyote
  • 12.5% Alexander Archipelago Wolf
  • 12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf

  • Accessories:
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Choker
    Outfit One:
  • Black crop-top
  • Black skirt
  • Black leggings

    Outfit Two:
  • Dark grey hooded robe
  • Amethyst sash
  • Black leather armguards
  • Black leggings

    Outfit Three:
  • Dark grey and black dress
  • Black leggings
  • Intelligence
Adrian normally thinks two moves ahead, especially in combat. She's never afraid to pull a dirty move in a fight or trick someone. She trys to get as much information as she can from a conversation so that she can plan for the road ahead. She is quite resourceful. She is quite cunning and clever, especially in battle and she has a lot of tact.
  • Morals
Adrian has morals, not very strong morals but she has morals. If she believes that her opponent deserves mercy, she will spare their lives, she might maim the really bad ones but she won't kill them. If they threaten her loved ones or have done heinous things, then she will not hesitate to take their lives.
  • Determination
If Adrian knows that something is possible, there is no stopping her. She won't give up unless she is proven wrong or something or someone prevents her.
  • Independence
Adrian is quite independent of most except for certain people. She is resourceful and adaptable. She hates being babied and makes sure no one treats her like she isn't capable of doing something.
  • Social Interaction
She is normally quite sarcastic towards people who are unfamiliar to her. She'll show respect to leaders and anyone who gains it but she won't be forced to submit towards someone.
  • Mother: Alimro
  • Father: Valdis Raven-Shadowryn
  • Half-Siblings: Avinalora and Artemis

  • Cobalt
Adrian was born to Alimro and Valdis Raven-Shadowryn in New York after Alimro had separated from her former mate and abandoned her first daughter. She was born in The jackal woman had met the coywolf and the relationship had become romantic and soon Adrian was born. Alimro couldn't deal with having a pup and fled after the birth.

Valdis was devastated. He convinced his sister to nurse his pup and then he started to drink heavily. His habits soon drove his sister to leave once the pup was weaned. The young girl watched her father pace around all day muttering about her mother.

When Adrian first shifted, he father was desperate for alcohol and traded his only daugther to a group of shady merchants for more. These merchants turned out to be recruiters for a group called "Et Sicarios" which was a group of all-female assassins. The recruiters took her to Portugal via ship and then to London. She was initiated and trained by the Et Sicarios and became known as a Sicaria. She still didn't consider the life of an assassin to be the one for her despite her training.

Once she was eighteen months old, she left the group and journeyed to Nova Scotia to begin a new life. Along the way, she found a six month old shifted Luperci who was laying in the middle of a bloody massacre. He was unharmed but once he woke up, he immediately shifted into his Lupus form and promptly left. Four months later, the newly named Cobalt came back to Adrian and decided to stay with her.
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