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13th May 2011
At a larger-than-average seven foot, Achaikos Visus is an intimidating force of nature, broad shoulders and able body due to years of combat training ever since the first day he could shift. While his face is pristine, it's as you trail down to his body (though normally covered by clothing and some simple leather armor pieces) that you see the wear and tear, scars littering his stomach and back the most. He's been patched up many times, and Achaikos's hands are strong and steady. The sternness of such an appearance does not stop in the body, but it carries on into silver eyes, as cold as one might expect of the color. As this wolf tends to wear heavy clothing (and armor) no matter the season, in hotter temperatures he can almost always be seen softly panting, or shadowing near wherever a cool drink might be.

Sophisticated would be the kinder word for his appearance. Stuck up and snobby is how most, especially non-Luperci, would and have viewed him upon first sighting. Humanization is present in every aspect of him - the tattoo across his right eye, the piercing in his lip, the traces of dye in his mane. The dye is a faint trace of a deep red different from the dark chocolate of his fur, but many parts of it blends in and fades often as he sheds. He sometimes allows it to fade completely back into it's natural color if he cannot find the time. It doesn't help the 'stuck-up' rumor very much that he keeps his expression highly neutral and serious. He also almost always is seen with a cloak of some sort with a hood as it helps him to hide his frequently armored state and not draw attention to himself.

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A heart as frozen as the winter land he came from, Achaikos has been whipped into something he is not by his upbringing. He is absurdly detached from anything other than responsibility and duty, a firm believer in the motto 'if you want something done right, do it yourself'. He is a loner with little to no purpose on the inside and can be given none because of his bull-headedness. He's a blank canvas that repels paint, it's useless to try and make something of him. Overtime, he might blossom into more than a husk. Granted, this does lead him to acquire some 'good' traits, as well as the bad ones that come with being a bit...emotionless.

He bends to the will of others as he always has with his family, making him selfless and agreeable. He protects others, even strangers, without a second thought. Whether this is the cause of viewing his life as not something worth holding onto is up for debate. Achaikos lives solely because that's what the social norm intends for him to do. It would all sound very melodramatic for one that didn't understand him well - the oldest Visus is ignorant to his own feelings, so it would be ill-suited to call him 'depressed'. It's that the things that make him at his core, a living being, have been cut off to make him better at his previous job, of protecting his family somewhat against his will. With time, they can be reconnected, but Achaikos himself is blind to that possibility.

All of this, and one can see it would be an understatement of a century to simply say he has a 'one track mind', that is one thing for sure. The talents that he masters are combat (hand-to-hand, sword & shield, horse), reading, & writing. He is also fluent in Russian as well as English. As he has also grown up around horses and had one as a travel companion for as long as he can remember, he is an experienced rider and knows how to tame or break in a horse, though he's never cared to learn low speech.
Younger Brother: Aurel Visus
NPCs: Cassis (Black Horse)
It's worth noting that the humanization of Achaikos was not necessarily his own choice. Even as an Ortus born into a larger pack in the cold of Russia near Moscow, if left alone he probably would have led a feral life, returning back to the ways of wolves of old and never looking back. But his family had already beckoned towards the 'advanced' lifestyles of Europe, crafters and scholars (mainly the latter) of all kinds within their family. His family members frequently traveled whenever they could in search of good trade and new knowledge. They were almost obsessed with these things, the tradition of the pack was to seek knowledge at all costs. Something he grew to hate.

Achaikos and his brother were the very rare exception that didn't stay in the continent of Europe, and that was for one reason alone. His brother ran away from the twisted family after the heirs of it became more and more secretive and lustful for power, as well as looking down on anyone that was not all for the evolution of the Luperci race. They were the epitome of 'on their high horse' as one might say. Achaikos had never been the quickest learner, not that his mind wasn't sharp, it had been - he was stubborn towards change and the instincts within him seemed to always battle him when he tried to learn what his aunts and uncles would deem as 'essential knowledge'.

Since he grew into a brute of the family's oldest son, his kin decided it would be best to use him as the 'muscle' of the pack, and that's how he ended up as a bodyguard. For all intents and purposes, he became a trained pet, a bit more than a slave but less than a complete free man. He was forced into his role, as was his brother. While he himself learned to cope, learned how to push down the discomfort of the situation and simply learn to deal with it, his brother couldn't take it. Being forced day in and day out to suit the needs of 'some brat' as he had so eloquently put it on that day, it drove him mad. He left the family in a rage, and promised that he would travel as far away as he could from this place, across the sea where they would never find him again...

Achaikos took it upon himself to go after him, despite the warnings of his family. His brother was the most precious thing to him, and he would follow him anywhere. That's what has led him to Nova Scotia, and what might keep him here in the coming years. Before he left to sail, Achaikos received his eye tattoo as a means to remind himself that his life had changed, and that the shackles on him put on by his family were broken solely because of his brother's dreams.
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