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3rd October 2017
Soliloquy is the size of a smaller than average wolf, with ill-fitting, enormous pointed ears and bright blue eyes. His coat is mostly white with occasional speckling and a few patches of black and dark steel blue. Most of his tail is also black, save the white tip. His coat is quite plush and thick, though he's also leggy and tall, making him look strangely proportioned, especially in Lupus form.

Traveling by horse though, he's usually in Optime form. Soliloquy has a thick, rough mane, but no styled "hair." He doesn't usually wear clothing, but sometimes dons a simple cloak and usually has a leather belt with numerous satchels, and a few stone blades, attached.

Reserved, polite, and somewhat quiet, Soliloquy is more interested in learning about others than telling about himself. He's curious about how others approach and live their lives, especially those in packs, or with large families.

While Soliloquy was raised to be wary and careful, his instinct is generally to trust others and take things at face value. This conflict often leaves him awkward, uncertain, and a little hesitant around strangers. He is usually a good judge of character, but tends to second-guess himself.

He's also aware of the suspicion others might feel towards him, especially given his altruistic tendencies -- he likes to help others but rarely wants for much in return. Is that weird? Sometimes he thinks he's weird and feels kind of bad about it.
Fiction (sister)
Raindew, a mild-mannered dappled grey mare.
Soliloquy and his sister were raised in relative isolation by their mother, who was wary of packs and of trusting others.
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