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50% Arctic wolf, 25% Gray wolf, 12.5% Northwestern wolf, 12.5% Siberian Husky
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3rd June 2015
Luperci Ortus
Despite his ancestry, Argus is not particularly large compared to other wolves, ranging between the size of small and normal, although he is slightly taller than a normal wolf. His fur is a mix between gray and white, forming a snowy sludge-like color with an agouti fur pattern, giving a overall messy look to his fur. Argus also had a white tail tip and hints of brown on his tail. While he inherited his body build and fur color mostly from his mother, his amber eyes came from his father's genes. Also, due to his father being an arctic wolf, Argus had thicker fur and smaller ears than most wolves. Argus's left ear is also nicked, an injury which he gained from a fight with feral dogs. He also had a patch of burnt fur on his front shoulder, which refused to grow back over the years, although it was usually obscured by the hoodless cloak that he always wore in his Optime form.

Usually, he could be seen wearing a set of leather armor, which was first made for humans but had since been adapted for Luperci use. Although he may choose to wear a tunic or nothing (except for his cloak) instead when he believes he might have to switch forms. He also brings along a pack which could be used to store some of his clothing (Not his armor of course) and other items before he switches form. The pack would be quite tight and uncomfortable for Argus in his Secui and Lupus form, to the point where it affects movement and combat to a small degree, so he tends to minimize the time he needs to carry the pack while in Secui or Lupus form. He sometimes carries along a sabre and a scabbard as well.
Argus is a rather... interesting fellow. While appearing to others as a carefree individual, laughing off even the most serious of matters to the point where it would cause others to think that he is a cold and uncaring person, he is actually slightly pessimistic and fatalistic within, and although he has improved quite a bit, he is still a worrier sometimes. And that has caused him to reorganize excessively and recheck for any problems in his jobs and tasks. However, it seems that when Argus is faced with impromptu events, he becomes quite impulsive, following his own instincts.

He is also extremely loyal to those who he trusts, but that is far and between. He usually wants to stay on good terms with everyone, but he will only fully trust a few. Yet, if you are accepted into his inner circle, he would become quite protective and selfless to you, to the point where Argus would put himself in danger to help you, or even sacrifice himself for your safety.

He is a generally talkative person, and likes to socialize with others. He could be, however, quite blunt and straightforwarding, although he doesn't likes conflict and will do anything to prevent or resolve a conflict. Despite being a verbose individual, he is also quite observant, and could spot minute details of difference even while engaging in other activities.

He is also quite diligent and hardworking, and yet he never shows the stress he had no matter what. Only if someone crossed his line once too many does he fully explodes on him, bringing up age old mistakes and grudges, but his tolerance is usually quite high, and such outbursts are uncommon.

He likes working in a group, but as he thinks he doesn't have the ability to be a leader and he is quite uninspiring, he usually leave out the leader position to others, instead opting for subleader or simply as a member. Still, when given the role, he will accept it and do his best. When serving as a member in a group, in addition to being loyal and hardworking as mentioned above, he is also quite reliable to others.

Being taught how to read and write at a young age, Argus is naturally knowledgeable. However, he is also quite absentminded when it comes to knowledge and skills, and some less used skills and those that he deems boring, such as medicine and star navigation, are usually forgotten with time, unless it was revisited and relearned by him. However, as he is a quick learner, he could usually reacquire such skills with ease.
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