Whisper Mayflower

El Elegido

Del Cenere Gang
El Elegido
Luperci Pulgar Verde I, Médica II
Hide Your Face
So The World Will Never Find You
50% Coyote, 37.5% Dog, 12.5% Wolf
Date of Birth:
4th July 2016
Luperci Ortus
Whisper is a meek girl with a thin willowy frame, she has dusty tan/grey fur and has grey paws and ear tips and a greyish white belly as well as a few scattered darker splotches. Her hair is fashioned in thick messy dreadlocks and braids in the back with owl feathers and a skull tied into them, her eyes are a dull color with a weary look in them at most times.

25 inches
43 lbs
35 inches
65 lbs
125 lbs
Whisper is quiet, shy, and reserved. She was the kind of person who loved to read and to learn and to be alone, but she has been through quite a bit, leaving her with heavier psychological scars and an even more compromised personality than she had in her childhood. When she is around other people her insecurities begin to emerge. May also has many fears and a fragile psych, she may shut down if faced with too much stress.
Mother: Nyx Greyfire
Adoptive Father: Lukos Greyfire
Biological Father: Liir Altav
Inca- Brother
Uriah Greyfire- half brother
Besekel Greyfire- half brother
Song- half sister (deceased)
Nomos Greyfire- half brother (unknown)
Seira Greyfire- half sister (unknown)
Johanna Greyfire- half sister (unknown)
Two unnamed deceased half siblings
Born and raised in Anathema, she was kidnapped and tortured in her childhood, then went missing again during the fall of her pack. After experiencing captivity and solitude, the wispy femme managed to get out, but when she returned to Anathema's lands, her family, and her pack were nowhere to be found.
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