Uriah Greyfire

Bête Noire
50% Eastern Timber Wolf, 12.5% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 12.5% Cretan Hound, 12.5% Border Collie, 6.25% Siberian Husky, 6.25% American Eskimo Dog
Date of Birth:
24th November 2016
Luperci Ortus
Optime Height: 6’10”
Optime Weight: 220
Secui Height: 46”
Secui Weight: 150lbs
Lupus Height: 35”
Lupus Weight: 90lbs
Most of the time Uri is found in the buff or wearing only pants, but when he does wear clothing his outfit is comprised of a brown leather jerkin that closes in the front with bone ties, plain brown trousers that cinch in at the waist and ankles, leather arm guards, a leather pauldron, and a knife belt. The fur covering the male’s body is smooth and of a medium length, being softer than that of the coat of a full blooded wolf, despite his fur being more like that of a soft coated dog, his features are broad and strong, making his hybrid nature readily apparent in his appearance. Uriah stands in the lower end of the large size range for wolves, but he wouldn't necessarily be considered particularly large when compared to some of the members of those groups that are wolf dominant in their makeup. The male’s nose and pads and whatever skin can be seen through the thinner areas of his fur are light brown in color, and he has heterochromia, his right eye being a bright vivid blue and his left eye a brilliant fiery gold. Uriah is closer in build to his wolf father than his dog mother, having long strong legs and a respectable height, he is long and lean yet strong and defined in his musculature, possessing the body of an athlete or runner. However, aspects of his small hybrid mother are still visible in the male when you look at the light color and patterning of his coat and the tan spots that decorate the points of his head and tail. His hair is smooth and long, silvery white, and with a slight wave, falling down past his shoulders. So far in his life, Uriah has accumulated a few minor scars littered across his pelt, but none of them are large enough to be seen through his thick coat.
Uriah’s personality could be described as true neutral, he is neither good nor evil, and his tendencies skew rather evenly between lawful and chaotic. He acts largely for his own self interest, but apart from that, the largest driving force in Uriah’s life is the happiness of his twin brother. They are identical in practically every way, mirror images of each other born from the same egg, and they share an unbreakable bond, a pair that is truly inseparable and a friendship that is lifelong. Besekel is Uriah’s grounding force, when the two are apart, Uriah has a greater tendency towards neurotic behaviors and shows a more callous facet of himself, or more reckless. When they’re together, the male is more sensitive to the moods of his twin and of the people around them since he knows that his outlandish behavior can make his twin upset or unhappy with him, and that’s something he strives to avoid when he can. Uri’s interests are somewhat different from what one might expect from someone of his particular proclivities, he is a warrior, and likes to fight to protect what is his, which is par for the course, however, the male’s true passion in life lies in the culinary arts, and in collaboration with his brother’s mastery of herbs and Manitou’s cooking prowess, Uriah has been learning and steadily improving upon his command of the kitchen.
Besekel- Twin Brother
Nyx- Mother
Lukos- Father
Other Siblings- Whisper, Nomos, Seira, Johanna, Alexandra, Worick, Nicolas
Friends/Adopted Family- Manitou, Mithra, Elias
Sól [Golden Eagle]
The first couple months of life were simple for Uriah and Besekel, who were born as twin brothers alongside their late sister Song and their older sister May in the former pack Anathema, a haven for misfits and a place that was viewed with scorn from the outside. Their parents were both leaders of said pack, striving to improve their life and instill the value of diplomacy in their children. Their littermate passed during their first winter, giving the twins their first experience with death. Both of them were shaken deeply by it, drawing closer to each other for comfort while their relationships with that of their family and friends grew more strained and difficult. Their first year or so was spent practicing their desired fields of study, Bes was a healer and Uri a fighter, though coincidentally Uri seemed to be Bes' most frequent patient. This relatively peaceful life was interrupted with the return of Kentaro who was once their adoptive grandfather and part of their family, bringing about the fall of Anathema. After the fighting, their mother and father stayed behind with a group of ex Anatheman’s after the fall to form a band that strove to bring order to the chaotic lives of their people, leaving the twins as well as their younger siblings Nomos and Seira to live with their allies in Casa di Cavalieri until it was found to be safe enough for them to come back to their family and strike out on their own. Uri’s passion for cooking was sparked in their time working at an establishment of food and drink within Casa. By the time they rejoined their family, a new face had been added to their band in the form of a sister Johanna, the more outgoing friendly Bes wanting to learn more about the new parts of their family while the closed off and aggressive Uriah continually kept them all at arms length emotionally. With this, the Greyfire family moved off the peninsula and formed a new group alongside some friends they met in their new home, to form an establishment that they refer to as the Rest Stop, where the twins spend most of their time learning the ropes of cooking from Manitou, their master chef, as well as running a business, and diplomacy from their parents, through interactions with many customers from all walks of life, while continuing to Master their respective skills in preparation for some day taking over the leadership of their family should anything happen to their aging parents.
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