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29th February 2016
Luperci Ortus
Ramona is comprised of many muted brown and tan tones, which are thought (by her mother) to be inherited from her grandfather's (Ehno Marino) genes. Ramona's has bright green eyes that take on the tones of the stems of fresh flowers.

Ramona's body is lean with a boyish shape with the slightest curvature around her hips. Her face is pretty and angled nicely, leading to large, foxy ears that rest at the top of her head. She's known to have an expressive face, often leaking emotions from her eyes despite how much she tries to hide it.

Ramona's fur is soft and velvety as well as her Optime hair, which is a muted brown color with long, tight, spiraled ringlets. She's average height, standing at 6'3" in Optime (not on her tippy toes, either!), and usually carries herself confidently.

Ramona's humanization is high as she prefers to wear pretty clothes and utilize tools and weapons that make her life a bit easier. She's often found dressed with Luperci-made garments and jewelry, choosing to flaunt fashionable clothing over purposeful clothing. Her favorite weapon is a longbow and can often be seen carrying one, but does use a hunting knife for fighting and utility.
Ramona's strongest qualities are her positive attitude, sassy nature, and protective impulses. Often found in a positive mood, she is often a good egg to be around. Most find her company enjoyable, and find her easy to get along with. Much like her mother who she spent a lot of her life with, Ramona is a kind soul with a big attitude and a ferocious drive to protect those she loves and cares about. She's righteous by nature, and always strives to do the right thing -- but sometimes, she's misled either by false information or just her own ideas about the world.

Being raised in a family that practiced Voodoo, Ramona tends to turn to her religion in times of conflict only. She's not devoted to the gods in any means, and only performs rituals and prayers when she has something to ask of them.

In contrast, there are times when Ramona can be impulsive and childish. She has a tendency to (half-jokingly) argue about stupid things, perhaps refusing a task for a dumb reason or otherwise. She has an affinity to follow the beat of her own drum, and unintentionally acts disobediently to authority at times. Her heart's usually in the right place, but she doesn't always realize she's outright breaking rules until someone tells her.
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Ramona was originally born in Cour des Miracles to cousins Rio Marino and Aro Marino, alongside her only living brother, Varis. She and Varis lived there with her mother, taking up residence in what was left of the Catori Manor, sharing it with their half-siblings. They stuck by Cour des Miracles until it disbanded in 2019, to which the family disbanded as well. Her mother, Rio, had an itch to return to Spain, a life she grew to love a bit more than Nova Scotia; her half-siblings scattered to the wind, to pursue their own goals and endeavors. The only ones to really stick by one another was Ramona and her brother.

The two of them took up shelter in a small, yet cozy, decaying shack they found in the trees just south of Flanders Field. It was here that Ramona and Varis began their lives, relying on each other for support in surviving and such. One hunted, one prepared. And they took turns. Their lives were made with beautiful harmony for a while, but of course, many good things come to an end.

In March 2021, Varis was killed while hunting, leaving Ramona to fend for herself in Nova Scotia. Not that she's any less capable, but really, she's more out of practice. Relying heavily on the companionship of her brother, Ramona has taken his death hard... often finding herself breaking down from thinking about him or being reminded of the way she found him.

She toughed it out for as long as she could - a couple months - but Ramona has faced the facts, and the fact is... she can't support herself and is not one for the Loner life. She's packed up her things and has set off to join Casa di Cavalieri.
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