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24th June 2009
Luperci Ortus
Lupus: Baird Lupus

A little larger than the average dingo, Baird stands 25 inches at the shoulder and 60 inches from nose to tail tip, weighing in at around 20-22 kg. He displays most dingo traits, with long legs, slightly overlarge ears, and typical coat colouring.

His main coat colour is a sandy yellow (Hot Toddy #B27905) with lighter yellow (Lightning Yellow #FFC822) highlights on his head fur and goatee. His under muzzle, throat, chest, belly, tail tip ear rims, right forepaw and left hindpaw are white as is the case with most dingoes. Where the white fur meets the main coat there is a mixing, creating a creamy (Cherokee #FCD890) border. His paw pads are a dark grey/black colour, the same as his nose and his claws. Genetically, the thing that makes him different is his eye colour; He has bright green (Japanese Laurel #156D00) eyes, rimmed by black skin. The black around his eyes helps reduce glare from strong sunlight, much like a cheetah's eyestripe.

Both hind legs, on the outside thigh, have scars made during a tribal ceremony in his homeland. These scars take the form of the aboriginal pawprint symbol and are Baird's clan marks. He regularly dyes the yellow fur around the scars to a deep black colour, to make the pale skin of the marks stand out all the more.

He favours his Optime form and can often be found wearing little more than a loincloth, his goggles and his necklace in the summer months. Though early spring, autumn and winter spurs him to don warm clothes to protect him from the cold, as his fur is just not up to the task. No matter the month he can always be seen wearing a pair of handmade goggles with blue glass lenses, a rabbits foot necklace, a neat string of cowrie shells and a koala bone earring.
In his youth he was filled with innocence, naivete and went about things with an almost reckless abandon, but now, having experienced the world he has replaced these with experience, a touch of cynicism and a careful approach.

Friendly and approachable, he puts out an air of relaxed, laid back Aussie, but behind it all he is cautious and suspicious of all new encounters. He is reserved, holding back on personal information until he feels comfortable enough to trust. Once he trusts he will open up and a whole new side is revealed; an open, amiable and funny individual who enjoys physical contact and affection.

Though he seems to be a relatively happy fellow, and comfortable with it being just him and Gelar, he is actually deeply lonely and craves canine companionship. His lack of such companionship often causes small bouts of depression that even brief encounters with other canines can cure. He knows that pack life would help with this, but is reluctant to commit to living in one place.

He is a natural flirt and will do so with anyone he finds attractive. Though he is respectful of others boundaries as he knows he would not like someone to press his own. If somebody appears uncomfortable or asks him to back off, he will.
Father: Damon Byrne

Mother: Sammy Byrne

Siblings: Cole Byrne (brother), Anya Byrne (sister)

Mate: N/A

Children: N/A

Friends: Harvey Butler, Aoves
Baird was born into a tribe in the remote Australian Outback alongside one brother, Cole, and one sister, Anya. When they came of age they were scarred, as was tribe custom, with their own individual symbol, Baird's being a rare dual scarring with one pawprint symbol on each thigh. Not long after this coming of age ceremony Baird's wanderlust overtook him and he set out to travel the world. He hopped a ship and sailed to Asia where he disembarked and travelled by foot across the continent.

After travelling the long way round, through Asia, Russia and most of Europe, including England, he came to 'Souls. There he wandered the territories, meeting new people and making new friends. Eventually he befriended Harvey Butler and Aoves, moving into their shared home and helping with the arrival of their first litter of pups. While living at the house Baird met a short, fox coated wolf called Sebastian who he flirted with and eventually had sexual relations with. This scared him and he ran, questioning himself and becoming unsettled. He decided to leave Nova Scotia and left with Harvey and Aoves blessing, including a gift of his beloved cowrie shell choker from the French wolfdog.

After leaving Nova Scotia he travelled south, through North America until he came to Mexico. There he ran into some unfavourable characters who took him captive and traded him as a slave. He was traded for by a female wolf who favoured him as an exotic intrigue, she kept him with her at all times, often showing him off to others in her society until she was killed in a trade dispute and he escaped with Pan and Gelar, his animal companions. He ran to Texas where he settled for a few months, just log enough for Pan, his aged Quoll to pass on. It was then that he decided to head back to 'Souls where he remembered kind Luperci and friends made.
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