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Luperci Ortus
A creature of mixed heritage, if one truly deigns to understand they might be able to discover subtle hints in his appearance. An overall physique one could describe as being lean and angular, reminiscent of the Mountain Coyote blood that hails from both paternal and maternal lines. But one could be confused for indeed his size betrays the notion that his coyote heritage is tainted but something of a larger stature. Indeed, he is tall in any of his forms but not to the extremes that some come to expect from those who can lay claim to being part wolf. There is a certain kind of ruggedness to his appearance, something that might suggest that he has wholly adapted to his physical being without the typical conformity that most would allow.

If then one would move beyond the obvious aspects of body shape and size, they would see yet more details that would herald an appreciation of what this creature is. His colouration is not standard for those with coyote lineage, instead it errs more on the side those Grey Wolf features inherited from his father. A fine mix of charcoal and ash adorns most of him, brilliantly blending into a monochromatic palette. But even this is tainted with a strange hint of pale sable that flows throughout his coat until it meshes seamlessly into a single section of white than runs from his tapered muzzle to his chest. Perhaps then it is this hue that might allude to something akin to what was once a domesticated dog in his ancestry. A final point of matter to contest this though would be his eyes, a strange and eerie steely blue, which is not indicative of any of the species within his family tree.

When it comes to his other forms, there is little difference between his lupus and secui forms save for the thickening of fur that will form a dense but trimmed mane in his optime form. But even as he shifts, there is a strange sense that the creature sheds most of his coyote heritage for something with more bulk. Only his slightly overly large and angular ears belie that this creature is more coyote than wolf. Even then though, there is a roughness to his appearance and though his fur might have lengthened, specifically on his nape, he will not allow it to form a full mane that resembles something more human.

Then there are the other features that take something more than a casual observation. The way he carries himself suggests a kind of purposeful aloofness, but there is something in the odd behavioural tick that would imply an alertness as well. Indeed, there is a strange deftness of movement to this creature, a kind of silent strength that has not compromised agility. But he is not without scars and imperfection. There are two nicks that mar his left ear and a faded scar whose location is yet undisclosed. Multifaceted as he may seem, it is the subtleties that one should use to truly understand him. A certain kind of guardedness in his expression, the lingering scent of foreign places that permeate his fur. Perhaps then, and only then, would one gain whole comprehension of what this creature is.
For once the adage proves rather apropos – at least to a certain extent. As with his outward appearance, there is a ruggedness to his personality, something that touches at the aspect of almost being damaged. A stoic outer layer tends to be the default in any situation, even if dire. Perhaps this is due to some kind preconceived notion of what is expected. Or maybe it runs on a deeper level than that, like a kind of coping mechanism. Certainly, it makes it hard for him to be approachable by most and indeed it might be a preference to avoid becoming attached, but then he somehow manages to exceed expectations and become a contradiction of his own. There is an unwavering sense of loyalty that binds him, if through circumstance or need. But an aggrieved heart is not so easily tamed and being reserved is only but one trait in his arsenal.

Even when speaking there is a measure manner to his words and tone. His cadence barely shifts, remaining steady and precise. Even if his syntax is frequently littered with sarcasm. On the matter of tone, it remains low and almost guttural. But one should never take this as a sign of shyness or weakness. A caution should be noted, and one should beware to arouse his ire. Even a silent fury does not make one any less dangerous. So, because of this demeanour one might think the creature has moral ambiguity but instead he does in fact have a code. Whether he wishes to share it or not is another matter entirely.

On the rare occasion one can gain his trust, you would discover a being wholly in the throes of succumbing to something akin to hero syndrome. Perhaps though even this is as clear cut as it seems for there appears to be reason to this method, a kind of self-inflicted atonement for pervious misdeeds that are preferably left to be forgotten. This would explain those scars but one would be false in assuming a creature such as this shies away from physical conflict. Diplomacy is not a strong aspect of his character and typically actions speak louder than words but it leads to further complications when it is a tactful approach in speech that is required. Regret comes in many guises, the simplest of which is silence.
Born into a small nomadic group of coyote hybrids, his formative months mainly consisted of staying near to Chesapeake Bay. His mother, a coywolf had never intended to bear offspring. Her lifestyle was not constitutive to raising a family, at least in her own belief. The idea of being restricted in action due to the care of another individual never appealed to her, and so once of an age when he no longer required her care, the young Cypher was left with his father, a wolfdog by the name of Hatham who lived on the outskirts of Chesapeake Bay.

It was here the young Luperci learned the ways of the world. Hatham never approached his upbringing like that of a father and son, but more of a mentor and apprentice. The old wolfdog was a warrior by nature and deemed it his responsibility to teach his young charge of battle. Cypher is yet to reveal the exact nature of these lessons, and as to which point he left what had been his home to move north. Most of the other details of his life remains a mystery save for rumours of sanctioned executions and betrayal. There is something about how he approaches relationships that suggest that he has loved someone in the past, the outcome of which is also not known.
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