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Casa di Cavalieri
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3rd September 2016
Luperci Ortus
Myra is a tiny little thing. She is very petite and certainly doesn't look her age because of it. She looks much younger than she is. She stands at 5'6". her optime form her hair is a highlighted color of her fur colors. She has several scars, one from a bear along her right arm, from her elbow to her shoulder, it's long and thin. Another on her thigh, from her first blood with her brother. She is also missing her tail. It is gone, there is a tiny stump of where it used to be but it had been cut off by a crazy boyfriend.
After being attacked she is far more reserved, and wary of strangers. She will be very suspicious of them for a while, so she won't act like her normal self.

Around those she knows and trusts Myra is spunky, she likes to take life by the ear and tries to get attention.

She sees her size as a challenge but not one that she can't overcome. She can do anything anyone can do (especially her brothers!). She stands for what she believes in and she's very protective of her home, her family, and anything she believes in. She is very competative, even if its to herself, but it's usually being the first to do something her brothers didn't do, or get better at whatever it is than her brothers though if they do, do something better then she will not sulk over it only tries to work harder.

Mother: Lyris Stryder
Father: Luca Knight
Littermates: Arlen Stryder, Remus Knight
Full: Teagan Stryder, Indi Knight
Born in Casa di Cavalieri, her life is new and unexplored as of yet. She plays with her brothers and her parents and get into a little trouble here and there. She has so much to live for; her story is just beginning.

At the ripe age of two months she encounters a young ginger kitten which she takes in, with the help of her parents. She tries to help feed and take care of her, but she's mostly there as a friend and hopefully lifelong partner

She encounters a lynx when she is only 4 months old though she is saved by her sister.

At five months she nearly drowns and due to that she shifts along side her best friend Aldora to her brothers disgust though they take it better than she thought.

During the spring of 2017 Myra is sick for most of the beginning due to a severe illness going around that kills many. She luckily lives and as little to show for it

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