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Grievous is almost entirely Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, and resembles one – he is large in build, but with a slightly smaller head and long limbs. He is tall and leggy, but with well defined muscles, and carries himself with a good posture. His pale pelt is not uncommon for his species, though Grievous and his sister are both piebald like their father. This afflicts Grievous largely around his head and lower body, and is responsible for his heterochromia.

Several scars mar Grievous' fur, and his right side hosts the majority of these. There are three notable scars on his face; one above his right eye and two across his muzzle. Four large scars run across his right shoulder, while three scars mark the outside of his right leg. There is a smaller scar on his right hip. Smaller, minor scratches can be picked out around his face and hands, though many of these are shallow.

Grievous has a harsh-sounding voice and tends to sound condescending when he talks, due mostly to his clipped way of speaking. Grievous is fluent in Engish and German, and often speaks with a Germanic flare notable in his words. Due to his work with horses, he often smells like them – as well as herbs, flowers, and saltwater.

At his core, Grievous is a man who seeks belonging and recognition. He wants deeply to be accepted and to stand apart from his ancestors mistakes. His loyalty to Salsola is rivaled only by his dedication to his partner and wife. Though Grievous has always believed in the Thistle Kingdom's teachings, after having children his worldview shifted – now, more than anything else, Grievous is focused on bettering things for them. Though this is largely positive, without a doubt he will seek to ensure this future by any means necessary.

Grievous likes being part of a group, but he does not like being the center of attention. He generally tries to be helpful to others. He believes females are naturally superior to males and puts more weight in matriarchal leadership. A hardworking man, Grievous is largely driven by the needs and wants of his own family.

He has a taste for the more luxurious things in life, and favors cooked food and drinking alcohol with meals. Since becoming involved with his wife, Idrieus, he developed a taste for wine. The birth of his first children helped to radicalize his worldview, propelling a newfound desire to ensure that his pack endures long beyond his own lifetime.
Grievous is a member of the large D'Angelo and Eternity families.

He and his mate, Idrieus, have three children: Azalea, Lilium, and Whisper.
NPC: Heulwen Chatham
yNPC: Whisper Eternity
Minor NPCs: Ursula & Olga (draft horses)
Grievous Eternity is a wolf and a high ranking member of Salsola, where he was born and raised. With knowledge of equine care and training, herbalism, first aid, and experience as a combatant, his skills see Grievous thriving in support roles.

One of the four children of Bane D'Angelo and Basilaris Eternity, elite members within their pack, Grievous was born into a life of relative luxury and expectation. He proved his capabilities while acting in defense of Salsola during the Second Boreas Conflict, after which he gained independence, though remained at home to aid and support his parents following their retirements. Their departure that summer, alongside that of his brothers, left Grievous struggling with his sense of identity and purpose. He was soon given this when he became a sponsor for Luigi Benedetti. A participant in a conspiracy that led to the Inferni-Salsola War, Grievous fought for his pack until the end of the conflict.

When his cousins took control of Salsola, much of Grievous' role within the pack began to shift. He journeyed south to Chesapeake Bay during that summer, where he informed the Benedetti family as to the sacrifice and service provided by their sons during the wars. While uncomfortable as a trader, Grievous' experience with horses and driving proved extremely useful throughout the journey.

Friendly with Idrieus, his aunt's adopted daughter and Salsola's Paladin, Grievous found excused to put himself frequently in her company. What began as a mild infatuation grew over time as the mutual attraction between the pair intensified. Grievous asked for Idrieus to be his mate early into the new year, and the two formally announced their intentions to wed that spring. Shortly after, Grievous was promoted to Ranger Apprentice, launching him into Salsola's Faction ranks.

Grievous and Idrieus were wed following a terrible winter, solidifying their union in the eyes of the pack. That summer, Grievous and his mate welcomed three children into the world: Azalea, Lilium, and Whisper.
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