Prodigal de le Poer

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7th June 2014
Luperci Ortus
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Prodigal appears to be unaffected by most things around him. He has an indoctrinated hatred for wolves but doesn't respond outwardly aggressive to them. In fact it is those that he likes that he tends to treat the most cruelly, whole those he cares nothing for he treats with a neutrality that almost seems like kindness in comparrison to how nasty he can get to those he likes. Since his family was lost to him in his youth he keeps everyone at a distance. He still remains bull-headed and stubborn and will jump into situations without thinking them through first. Only he is allowed to be mean to those he cares about and would be quick to jump in and defend said individual from attacks (whether verbal or physical) from anyone else.

Prodigal sees himself as someone that is unable to be loved so he refuses to let anyone close enough to even attempt it. He'd rather grumble about everyone not liking him than to allow anyone the chance to like him.
Mother: Symera Villisca
Father: Priest de le Poer
Older Siblings: Messiah, Prophet, Stigmata; Nephilim, Deacon, Bishop, Pope
Littermate Siblings: Antioch , Covenant, Crucible, Crucifix, Nex, Silence

Extended: Lykoi, de le Poer, Massacre
Prodigal comes from several large, twisted, and infamous families: de le Poer, Lykoi, Massacre, Holocaust, and Addiction. Therefore, he has hundreds of cousins and a ton of distant family.

Great4 Grandparents (Damian): Nosferatu Traum and Faith Traum
Great3 Grandparents (Ahren): Damian de le Poer and Thavardo
Great2 Grandparents (Gabriel): Kaena Lykoi and Ahren de le Poer
Great2 Grandparents (Hybrid): Asphyxia Holocaust and Venomous Massacre
Great Grandparents: Gabriel de le Poer and Faolin Mogotsi
Paternal Grandparents: Talitha de le Poer and Hybrid Holocaust
Prodigal, born Penance, is the son of Priest de le Poer and Symera Villisca and a member of the de le Poer, Lykoi and Massacre families. He was raised to view wolves and high-percentage wolf hybrids as his enemy.

Prodigal is thought dead by his family as he meant missing when a few months old and had never returned.
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