Remus Knight

Casa di Cavalieri
Luperci Stable Master Tier I, Healer Tier I Mate to Night
42.5% Alaskan Tundra Wolf 26.25% Eastern Timber Wolf 12.5% Italian Wolf 9.375% Rough Collie 9.375% Irish Setter
Date of Birth:
3rd September 2016
Luperci Ortus
Height: 40 in at the shoulders.
Weight: 110 lbs
Height: 45 in at the shoulders.
Weight: 175 lbs
Height: 7'2" at the top of the head
Weight: 300 lbs

Remus is a dust gold brown furred man. His hair is long and dark, reaching down just past his shoulder blades to the upper middle of his back, usually hanging down loose and mostly straight, or tied with a leather thong loosely in a ponytail, secured just behind his thickly furred neck. Remus' facial features are traditionally masculine and strong sitting atop large bones, and the end of his chin sports a small patch of longer darker fur than the rest of his face. He is tall and muscular like the majority of men in his bloodline, and his body sports several scars, including a bite mark that wraps around his muzzle, and a long jagged scar spanning his outer thigh as well as various other bites and scratches. His clothing normally consists of a white cotton tunic shirt, a red waist wrap to hold up his pants, pouches, and weapons, behind which his shirt is tucked, and dark rough materialled trousers cinched fitted around his calves and down to his ankles, as well as arm and shin guards of a dark brown leather and his great sword which is fairly maintained but displays signs of wear and use.
As a child Remus was a rather haughty and self confident boy, he was the biggest and strongest of his litter, and he was never afraid to make it known. However, life isn't always kind, and the Cavalier had faced many lessons in humility that were hard to swallow, being in trouble for the vast majority of his childhood. Because of this, a quiet insecurity seeded itself in the man's confidence later in life, and manifested itself by turning him into a somewhat judgmental asshole who tries to enforce his ideals onto his children. Remus knows his place in the pack, he doesn't pretend to think he is better than anyone else now, but he wants to give his children the chance to grow beyond what he is, and his methods are potentially misguided. On top of this, Remus has experienced significant loss in his lifetime, losing his mother and uncle early on in his life, and more recently his father, leaving a distance growing between him and his remaining family and a somber air about the man, though occasionally the use of "special herbs" helps to smooth out his "rough around the outside" personality, therefore when the man is seen appearing happy, he's likely smoked recently.
Remus was born into a litter of three, Myra and Arlen being his littermates and closest family. His parents, Luca and Lyris are both dead. Remus' mate is childhood sweetheart Night Hushhowl and his children with her are Orion, Starlight, and Nova.
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Vito- a horse he and his brother share that belonged to their grandfather.
Remus was born and raised in Casa di Cavalieri, as a pup he was attacked by a bobcat which scarred his leg and was rescued by his uncle Lorenzo, and grounded by his mom until his first blood. Both his uncle and his mother died when Remus was still a child, leaving him wanting to be strong and brave and live up to their legacy in ways that would make them proud, though this often got the male into trouble. During his first blood, he and a bunch of other youths decided that it would be a good idea to kill a bear. Several were injured, thus landing him in trouble again almost immediately after being ungrounded. When he began courting his mate, her mother attacked him and left him several new scars, nearly taking his "family jewels" in the process. When Remus' siblings and mate to be were abused by the same man, Remus was the one who captured and fought the canine so that he could be brought in and justice delivered. Remus' father died somewhat recently, having lost so many of his ancestors, he now has his own life with his own mate and children that is largely uneventful and enjoys peace and everyday life as a father and Cavalier, despite not being as close to many of his family and packmates as he could be.
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